Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tolkien Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to all the winners!  By now, you should have received an email from me, asking for your mailing information so the donors can send you your prizes.  If you don't reply to my email by Sunday, Oct. 5, I will choose another winner and award your prize to them instead.

(EDIT:  A couple of winners didn't claim their prizes, so I chose two new winners for those items.)

US Only:

The Hobbit poster -- James Starslayer
Middle Earth candle holder -- Heidi P.
Two LOTR quote prints -- Jamie Lynne
Bag End bookmark -- Ruby Danderfluff
Five-inch clay pot -- Joanna
Burlap bag and thank-you cards -- Jess D.
Arwen Evenstar iron-on patch -- Kat B. Ruby Danderfluff
Twig soap -- Sarah Rees
Tolkien quote postcards -- Elizabeth Anne D.
Doors of Durin mug -- DKoren


The Hobbit bingo -- Audrey Counts  Lydia
Hobbit door jewelry -- Ruby Danderfluff
Tolkien wisdom print -- Lydia
Elvish Christmas cards -- Reyna Nicole
LOTR word search -- Elizabeth Anne D.
Thorin's Company bookmark -- James Starslayer
Bilbo bookmark -- Joanna
Gandalf bookmark -- Heidi P.

Thank you to everyone who joined the party this year!  I know I had lots of fun setting it up and reading everyone's posts, etc.  I hope to host this again next year :-)  For now, I will say with Gandalf, "Go where you must go, and hope!"


  1. Yay! This was such a fun blog party, thanks for hosting it!

  2. Whoopee! Bilbo and I are going to have so much fun reading "Emma" now.


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