Friday, September 26, 2014

Middle Earth Locations Crossword Puzzle

Ta-da!  My annual Tolkien crossword puzzle :-)  Like last year, you can copy this image, paste into a program like MS Word, and print it out.  I tried to use mostly place names that are in the movies too, and no obscure ones like Celebdil or anything :-)

I'll post the answers on Saturday!

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  1. I love crosswords!

    1. Dol Amroth
    2. Osgiliath
    3. Bag End
    4. Isengard
    5. Crickhollow
    6. Minas Tirith
    7. The Shire
    8. Gondor
    9. Edoras
    10. Khazad-dûm
    11. Erebor
    12. Fangorn
    13. Weathertop
    14. Lothlórien
    15. Mount Doom
    16. Mordor
    17. Rivendell
    18. Rohan
    19. Hobbiton
    20. Bree


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