Monday, September 22, 2014

The Tolkien Party Giveaways!

Here they are!  The giveaway portion of the Tolkien Blog Party of Special Magnificence!  There are two of them, as some of the donors said they could only ship to US addresses.  Since they're giving this stuff away absolutely free, I am not going to argue with them!  

The main way to enter these is to participate in the party, in other words, to copy the questions I posted (here) and answer them on your own blog, then add your post's link to the Mister Linky widget at the bottom of the official party kick-off post.  You can also earn extra entries by visiting the Etsy shops that are donating prizes.

You will notice that a lot of the entry options ask you to leave a comment on this post containing certain information, like what your favorite item is from a particular shop.  You Do Not Have To Leave Me 90 Comments!  One comment with all that info from all those entries is fine.  If you have an Etsy account yourself, actually "favoriting" your favorite item in those donor shops would be really nice of you, as a way to thank them for their generous support of the fun we're having, but it's not required.

I should also note that, with the exception of the Hobbit movie bookmarks, these are not being sent to the winners by me.  They're being sent by the donors.  The winners will give me their mailing address and I'll give it to the donors.  I promise that I will then discard those addresses, and you'll never get junk mail from me at your mailing address or your email address.  

PLEASE make sure your information for the giveaway widgets includes your current email address so that if you win a prize, you'll get the email informing you that you won!  If you don't reply to my email by Sunday, Oct. 5, I will choose another winner and award your prize to them instead.

Here we go!

US-Only Prizes:

The Hobbit poster -- 9"x12" print from Jeff Langevin

Any Middle Earth candle holder -- your choice up to $12 from Celtic Steam
Hobbit door earrings, pendant, or pin -- your choice from Celtic Steam


  1. I'm noy picky! I love anything/everything Tolkien!! and will probably be buying some items from these stores anyway!! way to support small business!!!!!

    1. I'm pretty much the same way -- I would be happy to have any of these! In fact, I own several pieces from The Ring and the Lion, and I just ordered a Tolkien candle holder and Hobbit door jewelry from Celtic Steam. Happy hunting, and good luck with the giveaways! Oh, and welcome to my blog :-)

  2. Here are my favorite things from each etsy shop:
    jefflangevin: Maleficent poster
    celticsteam: Disney candle holder and Beauty and the beast can
    CelebrativeDesign: Bushel and a Peck digital print
    ElfScript: Jane Austen Bookmark
    theringandthelion: I see fire Pottery mug
    MossHollowe: Lady of the Lake Shawl
    JethroAndHenrietta: Doctor Who postcard gift set
    CaesarGJ: Doctor Who and Sherlocked Mug
    WormwoodApothecary: Hobbit Bingo
    JenniferDareDesigns: "I can not live without books" tote bag
    ErikaRaeHeins: Among the Ruins watercolor
    virgosunlight: Supernatural and X-Men word search

  3. for the US only ones, the ones I love best are the Candle holders, postcards, clay pot and the Mug

    And the International ones I love best are wisdom prints, Christmas cards and bookmarks

  4. also I couldn't find Lynellen's Embroidery Creations on etsy.....

    1. Annnnnnnnnd that's my fault. Didn't link that one! D'oh! Fixed now :-) Thanks for letting me know!

  5. For the US ones I really loved the Tolkien quote post cards and the mug.
    For the International ones, I loved the Elvish Christmas cards and the bookmarks. (-:
    Thanks for hosting the blog party!

    1. I forgot to add that my favorite thing from Caesar's Forum was The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe mug and my favorite thing from JethroandHenrietta was the Hobbit postcard set. (o:

  6. Wow, those candles and the mug are awesome from the US one. The rest are cool too, but those are my favorites.

  7. Hopefully I did these right. :)

    Favorite Prizes:
    The Hobbit poster
    Two Lord of the Rings quotes

    Favorite International Prizes:
    Elvish Christmas cards

    Favorite things from each one:
    Jeff Langevin Prints: Wonder Woman print
    Celtic Steam: MIddle Earth Candle holder
    Celebrative Design: Halloween Invitation-Zombies (don't like Halloween, but I like zombies)
    Elf Script: Tolkien Bookmark
    The Ring and the Lion: Prancing Pony Stoneware
    Lynellen's Embroidery Creations: Koi fish papercut style (I have no idea what these are, but I like Japanese stuff)
    Moss Hollowe: ?
    Jethro and Henrietta: travel tolkien postcard
    Caesar's Forum: Star Wars Luke Skywalker


    1. Well done! Very, very complete :-)

    2. Favorite Prizes:
      middle earth candle holder
      doors of durin mug (love this one!)
      elvish Christmas cards (international)

      Favorite shop items:
      Jeff Langevin Prints - sherlock poster
      Celtic Steam - Les Mis candle holder
      Celebrative Design - Gandalf quote
      Elf Script - gate of the elvenking's halls bookmark
      The Ring and the Lion - roads go ever on and on mug
      Lynellen's Embroidery Creations - heirloom rose files
      Moss Hollowe - grey eyed morn tunic
      Jethro and Henrietta - travel tolkien postcard
      Caesar's Forum - hobbit book cover mug
      Wormwood Apothecary - hobbit bingo
      Jennifer Dare Designs - metaphors be with you bag
      Erika Rae Heins - all we have to decide print
      Virgo Sunlight Studios - star wars word search

  8. Alrighty!

    Favorite Etsy stuff:
    Jeff langevin—harley Quinn print
    Celtic steam—les mis candles
    Celebrative design—love me tender quote
    Elfscript—a light from shadows bookmark
    Theringandthelion—hobbit home mug rug
    Lynelle’s embroidery—peacock feather eyes throw pillow
    Moss hollowe—black/red tunic
    Jethroandhenrietta—texting and scones postcard
    Caesar’s forum—star trek mug
    Wormwood apothecary—homemade pumpkin butter
    Jennifer dare designs—you be the bird, I’ll be the feather
    Erika rae heins—more than memory print
    Virgo sunlight studios—Xmen word search

    Favorite US prizes:
    Tolkien postcards
    LOTR wall quotes

    Favorite Worldwide prizes:
    Elvish Christmas cards
    Hobbit bookmarks

    Thanks for doing this; this is fun! :-)

  9. I'm not entering because I still haven't had a chance to read the books, but you found some awesome contributors! What fun prizes!

    1. Have you seen the movies? Or are you holding off until you've read the books?

    2. I have seen and enjoyed the movies, but I think people who have read the books could probably appreciate these items more than I. Still, good job finding contributors, and I'm glad the LOTR parties seem to be going so well for you!

    3. Aha! Well, that's very sweet of you :-)

  10. Of the US prizes, I love the Hobbit print and LOTR quotes. They're fabulous (although they all are!!) Thanks again for setting up such awesome prizes!

    1. I am consistently surprised by the generosity and goodwill of Etsy shop owners! They are getting nothing but the tiny bit of publicity this blog game gives them, and yet they're giving away some really amazing things!

  11. Hey! I'm not sure if my first comment went through so if it did just delete this one. :)

    I'm so excited to get to participate this time! I remember last time I was on vacation in New England and couldn't party with you. This is fun!

    Here are my favs:
    US overall: the Hobbit Print and the MossHollowe soap. I love soap!
    Jeff Prints: Hobbit Poster
    CelticSteam: tiny hobbit door clay creations
    CelebrativeDesign: the vintage baby announcements
    ElfScript: "I feel like spring after winter" quote bookmark
    Moss Hollowe: lavender soap and twig soap
    Jethro: Lucy postcard

    Thanks for introducing me to these new shops!

  12. I'm hopping on really quick here as I realized it's already Friday and I hadn't yet entered!! :p

    A couple favorites --
    For the US: the candle holders from Celtic Steam (so neat!)
    and the Doors of Durin mug from Caesar's Forum (I love special mugs--especially ones with a story attached.... ;-))

    For the world-wide: I like those bookmarks--particularly the one of Gandalf.

    Again, thanks so much for organizing all this! And such lovely, lovely items!!

  13. Eek! This week snuck out of my fingers quickly. Hope I'm not too late to participate in the fun. =)

    Overall Favorites:

    The Doors of Durin mug, as well as the The Bag End, Bilbo, and Gandalf bookmarks,

    Individual favorites:

    - Jeff Langevin - Art Print - Forest, Nature, Woman's Face, Abstract, Foliage, Leaves (Love all the colors! Beautiful.)
    - Celtic Steam - Any of her candle holders (All so lovely.)
    - Celebrative Design - Lord of the Rings Gandalf Quote (Poiniant, and very nicely arranged in the frame.)
    - Elf Script - Bag End Bookmark (Love how they've been able to capture the look of Tolkien's illustrations!)
    - The Ring and Lion - Chainmail Key Ring (Looks like so much work went into this!)
    - Lynellen's Embroidery Creations - Dragon silhouette (Dragons - aww yiss.)
    - Moss Hollowe - SUMMER GARDEN Long Vest (Wow, SO gorgeous! How on earth do they do that?)
    - Jethro and Henrietta - Bilbo postcard (Reflects Bilbo's journey so nicely.)
    - Caesar's Forum - The Hobbit book cover mug (Love. So much love.)
    - Wormwood Apothecary - Homemade Pumpkin Butter (Yum!)
    - Jennifer Dare Designs - "Talk Nerdy To Me" Mug (Love it!)
    - Erika Rae Heins - My Favorite Things watercolor print (Can't imagine being this good with watercolors, beautiful!)
    - Virgo Sunlight Studio - Star Wars wordsearch (What a great idea! Perfect for parties, no?)

    What great giveaways! I love the variety of sellers; it's amazing to think how so many create such neat and diverse things around the same series. Thanks for pulling all of this together, Hamlette! =D


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