Sunday, September 17, 2017

Giveaway for the 2017 Tolkien Blog Party

Hobbits give presents to their guests on their birthdays instead of receiving them, so maybe I should be a hobbit after all -- I do love giving things away!  I've got some very cool prizes this year, if I do say so myself.  Here they are!  Because this is my FIFTH Tolkien Blog Party, I got rather celebratory and so... there are quite a few this year.

THREE sets of four postcards each featuring Middle-Earth locations
Erebor, Edoras, Rivendell, and Minas Tirith
(I will draw three winners, each will receive one set of 4 postcards)
ONE set of three stickers with cool Tolkien quotations

TWO sets of three Gandalf stickers

ONE set of three hobbit hole stickers

ONE set of three Bard the Bowman stickers
A USED copy of the BBC's full-cast dramatization of The Hobbit on four CDs.
I bought this used from my library -- I have not listened to all the discs,
but disc one plays just fine in my CD player.

A USED copy of Tolkien Trivia -- in excellent condition!

Four necklaces made by me!  I will draw FOUR winners for these and give
ONE necklace to each of those winners.  They are themed as follows:
1. Hobbits -- mallorn leaf, green stone, "hope" pendant
2. Rohirrim -- "freedom" pendant, earth-colored stone, horse
3. Aragorn -- "Not all those who wander are lost" pendant, green stone
4. Lonely Mountain -- key, Arkenstone-like stone, dragon

This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.  I'm mailing these all myself, and most of them are small, so no matter where you live in this wide world, you are welcome to enter.

The main way to gain entries is to participate in the party, in other words, to copy the questions I posted (here) and answer them on your own blog, then add your post's link to the Mister Linky widget at the bottom of that official party kick-off post. But that isn't required! You can also earn entries by telling me your prize choices and by commenting elsewhere on my blog.  I do my best to match winners with their choice of prizes, but that doesn't always work out -- that's why I ask for your top three choices.

This giveaway runs through the end of Friday, September 22. I will draw the winners on Saturday, September 23 and post the names of the winners that day, as well a notify them by email.

PLEASE make sure your information for the giveaway widget includes your current email address so that if you win a prize, you'll get the email informing you that you won! If you don't reply to my email by Saturday, September 30, I will choose another winner and award your prize to them instead.

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  1. "Leave a comment on this post telling me what your three favorite prizes are."

    If I were lucky enough to win, my top three choices would be:

    1. The BBC radio CDs of "The Hobbit."
    2. "Tolkien Trivia."
    3. Necklace 1 of the 4 necklaces.

  2. All the prizes look intriguing! My top three favorites:
    1. Necklace #3
    2. The BBC radio drama of The Hobbit
    3. The postcards

  3. All these prizes look amazing. But I shall have to say that my top three are:

    1. Necklace #3
    2. Tolkien trivia book
    3. And the Tolkien quote stickers :)

  4. YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE BEST GIVEAWAYS. :D Ahhh now I have to choose....*debates with myself for five minutes*

    Okay. Here are my choices should I win. :)

    1. Tolkien quote stickers
    2. Hobbit Hole stickers
    3. Postcards

    Thanks, Hamlette!!


    Okay. Here are my top three (well, four) choices if I were to win:

    1. Necklace #1 (Hobbits)
    2. Tolkien quote stickers
    3. Necklace #2 (Rohirrim) or postcards

  6. THANKS FOR DOING THIS! I would pick
    1. Necklace 3 (Aragorn)
    2. Necklace 2 (Rohan)
    3. Trivia Book.

  7. You have quite the giveaway this year! Thanks for the fun!
    1. Tolkien quotes stickers
    2. Tolkien Trivia
    3. Necklace 2 or 3; or the BBC CD.

  8. *is trying not to go into a happiness coma from all the amazing prizes*

    MY GOODNESS, HAMLETTE. You have outdone yourself this time!! Um...let me see if I can manage to pick three. *stressful scratching of head* (Oh, decisions, decisions...very much my strong suit. :P)

    1. Necklace #1 or #3 (okay, so that's two technically--and I would gladly take any of them)
    2. Tolkien quote stickers
    3. BBC radio dramatization of The Hobbit

    BUT HONESTLY I WANT THEM ALL. They're just so beautiful. <3

  9. Oh my goodness! This is great! You're so generous :) I'm Lydia. I don't have a blog but I look forward to reading yours!
    All these prizes are wonderful!
    My top three would be: (so hard to choose!)
    1. Hobbit necklace
    2. Aragorn necklace
    3. Postcards

    And my email is
    Thanks so much, Hamlette!

    1. Oh and if I was fortunate enough to win, I'd be super happy with either necklace 1 or 3 :) And of course all the prizes are absolutely lovely and the postcards are just gorgeous!

    2. One technical difficultly... My number of entries has been decreasing everyday. I should have 8/10 (I believe) but it says I only have 5/10. Just wanted to point that out as it's been puzzling me.

    3. Lydia, that's strange! I looked "behind the scenes" at the entries just now, and it says you have 8, so maybe the widget here on my page is glitchy?

    4. Great, thanks so much for checking! Yes, probably.

  10. UGH JUST THREE FAVORITE PRIZES?! Well, it's better than nothing...

    1. The postcards(I want to cry at their beauty!)
    2. The trivia book (I've been DESPERATELY looking for one...)
    3. And necklaces #1 and #4

    I'm so excited to see everyone's posts this week!

  11. 1. Necklace #2
    2. Necklace #3
    3. Hobbit Audio

  12. Wow, so cool! I have no favorites, seriously! All of them are so lovely! :)
    Thank you so much for doing all the work to set up this party!!

    1. Okay, so I thought harder and came up with a list...just needed time to consider! "Don't be hasty" is what I always say! :D
      1: BBC dramatization
      2: Trivia book
      3: Any of the necklaces, they're so pretty! :)

      Sorry for being so very UN-hasty about this!

  13. My favorite prizes are the fourth necklace, Tolkien Trivia book, and the Gandalf stickers. XD Thanks for doing this giveaway!!! XD

  14. I'm so sorry I'm so late!!! Life's been SO busy lately! I'll try to catch up. :)

    Your giveaways are THE BEST, Rachel. :) And thank you for making them worldwide -that's a precious thing indeed. <3

    My 3 favourite things (they're ALL beautiful):
    1. The necklaces! And honestly, ANY OF THEM. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL I WOULD WEAR ALL OF THEM WITH PRIDE. <3 <3 (Ok, but 1, 2 and 3 are my favourites.)
    2. The Tolkien trivia book. *heart eye emojii*
    3. The set of stickers with cool Tolkien quotations. (/the postcards, 'cause it's a tie. :P THEY'RE LOVELY OKAY.)

    I'm off to comment on your other posts! :D

  15. I do not have to time to join the party unfortunately, as I came upon it all too late. I've just got back into reading blogs again and I love reading yours!
    my favorite prizes are:
    the hope necklace
    the dragon and key necklace
    and the Hobbit BBC set!

  16. Ooh, this is the coolest! I wish I hadn't been so LATE, I totally forgot that you do this every year xD. I'll have to remember for next time!

    Here are my prize preferences:
    1. One of the necklaces (I'm not picky about which one, ha - they're all gorgeous!)
    2. The postcards
    3. The trivia book

    ~ Savannah | Scattered Scribblings

  17. They would all be so great! I'll take any of them!!

  18. I like the Aragorn -- "Not all those who wander are lost" pendant, green stone, the gandolf stickers and the post cards, but really I like all of it. :)

  19. I'd love to get those postcards! Or the necklaces!

  20. Such lovely prizes... Such a shame I totally missed this giveaway because I'm so far behind on reading blog posts...

    1. Birdie, I'm over a week behind in my blog reading too. It happens. There's always next year!


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