Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Request for Anyone Who Has NOT Ordered "Cloaked" Yet

Tomorrow is release day!!!

If you have not already pre-ordered Cloaked, could you do me a favor and hold off until tomorrow?  I'd like to see what happens if a whole bunch of people order all on the same day, namely Friday, Sept. 29.  Maybe we could make it climb a decent way up Amazon's charts for a bit!

Here's a link to its Amazon listing, for your handy reference.  And also a snippet from an advance review:

Tomorrow, I have a little giveaway planned to celebrate release day, so check back in for that!


  1. Are you wanting us to order the Kindle edition? I only see 1 paperback available.

    I will hold off until tomorrow! :-)

    1. Cleopatra, whichever edition you would prefer!

      I don't know why it says "one new from $8.99" because it lets you order as many as you want to the right of that. Amazon does it's own thing sometimes, lol.


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