Saturday, September 23, 2017

Answers to the Shire Quiz

Here are the answers to the "How Well Do You Know the Shire?" quiz, and everyone's scores.

1. The Brandywine River separates the Shire from ____________.

a. Buckland

2.  The Shire is divided into four ______________.

b. Farthings

3.  Bilbo Baggins (and later his cousin Frodo) lives in a hobbit hole called _______________.

d. Bag End

4.  In The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo Baggins sells his home and moves to a house called _______________.

c. Crickhollow

5.  Bilbo Baggins lives in the village of ______________.

a. Hobbiton

6.  The hobbits have a museum called a "mathom house" in the town of _________________.

c. Michel Delving

7. The only brew for the brave and true comes from the ________________.

b. Green Dragon 

8. Peace in the Shire was traditionally kept by a voluntary group known as the _______________.

a. Shirriffs

9.  The two main crossing points of the Brandywine River are the Brandywine Bridge and _____________.

c. Bucklebury Ferry

10.  Which of these is NOT a place in the Shire?

c. Cobas Haven


Cecilia of Frell -- 10
Erudessa Aranduriel -- 10
Mary Horton -- 10
Olivia -- 9
Gabby A -- 8
Marian -- 8
Maura Martin -- 8
RM Lutz -- 8
Cordy -- 7
Elanor -- 6
Farm Lassie -- 6
Movie Critic -- 6
Natalie -- 6
Savannah -- 6

Well done, everyone!  Thanks for playing!


  1. I did better then I did last year! Thanks for the game, Hamlette!

  2. Boy I need to read the books again. I'm rusty!


    1. Catherine, a re-read is always a good idea, right? ;-)

  3. This was a tough one... I should've followed my gut instinct on #6!

    1. Marian, it was. I'm always surprised at which quizzes are easier for people than I expected and which are harder!


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