Saturday, September 23, 2017

Answers to the Middle-earth Movie Songs Quiz

Here are the answers to the lyrics quiz from earlier this week!  And everyone's scores are below.

1.  Now I see fire, inside the mountain.  I see fire burning the _trees_.  ("I See Fire")

2.  May it be an _evening_ _star_ shines down on you.  (2 words) ("May it Be")

3.  The tears we cry Are falling rain For all the _lies_ you told us.  ("Gollum's Song")

4.  Blunt the knives, bend the forks, Smash the _bottles_ and burn the corks.  ("Blunt the Knives")

5.  You can drink your fancy _ales_, You can drink 'em by the flagon.  ("The Song of the Green Dragon")

6.  The _pines_ were roaring on the heights.  The winds were moaning in the night.  ("Misty Mountains")

7.  What can you see on the _horizon_?  Why do the white gulls call?  ("Into the West")

8.  Home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many _paths_ to tread.  ("Pippin's Song")

9.  But in dreams I still hear your _name_.  And in dreams, we will meet again.  ("In Dreams")

10.  Many places I have been.  Many _sorrows_ I have seen.  ("The Last Goodbye")


MiddleEarthMusician -- 10
Anna Holmberg -- 9
Elanor -- 9
Erudessa Aranduriel -- 9
Farm Lassie -- 9
Olivia -- 9
Savannah -- 9
Cordy -- 8
Marian H -- 8
Evangeline Yackel -- 7
Mary Horton -- 7
Gabby A -- 6
RM Lutz -- 6
Maura Martin -- 4
DKoren -- 3

Nicely played, my friends!


  1. At least I got 7/10! But alas, my LOTR knowledge is a tad rusty. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to reread all the books now. ;D

    1. Evangeline, you could also just listen to all the songs on YouTube a lot. Or, you know, do that while re-reading the books.

      Not that I've ever done that. ::hums an innocent tune::

  2. Good job everyone! I could probably have figured the 5th one out, but it's been to long since I've seen the movies, so I didn't want to risk it. :)

    Fun game, Hamlette!!

    1. MC, glad you liked watching even if you didn't play! Sometimes that's lots of fun too.

  3. I so enjoyed this game especially because I love all the songs to these and know them by heart.

    ...except Gollum's Song, obviously.

    Fun game and overall fun week, Hamlette! By next year's Tolkien week, I will have read the books. :D

    1. Elanor, I'm glad you had fun! Hope you get to read the books soon :-)

  4. boy if I didn't have a habit of listening to Peter Hollens LOTR album, I don't think I would have did too well on this game! Awesome game, Hamlette!


    1. Catherine, I was just listening to Peter Hollens' album yesterday! So good.

      Glad you liked the game!

  5. This was fun, and challenging!! Now I have an excellent excuse to rewatch the Hobbit films. :D

    1. Marian, glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I've really been craving a re-watch myself.

  6. Awesome game, Hamlette!!! Loved playing it. Great work, guys! XD


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