Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The 2015 Tolkien Party Giveaways!

Here they are! The giveaways! There are two of them, one for US mailing addresses only, and one for everyone all over the world.  Please note that US residents may enter both if they so desire.  

The main way to gain entries is to participate in the party, in other words, to copy the questions I posted (here) and answer them on your own blog, then add your post's link to the Mister Linky widget at the bottom of the official party kick-off post. But that isn't required!  You can also earn entries by participating in blog games throughout the week, and by visiting the Etsy shops that are donating prizes.

You will notice that a lot of the entry options ask you to leave a comment on this post containing certain information, like what your favorite item is from a particular shop. You Do Not Have To Leave Me 90 Comments! One comment with all that info from all those entries is fine. If you have an Etsy or Red Bubble account yourself, actually "favoriting" your favorite item in those donor shops would be really nice of you, as a way to thank them for their generous support of the fun we're having, but it's not required.

I should also note that, with the exception of the Hobbit movie buttons, these are not being sent to the winners by me. They're being sent by the donors. The winners will give me their mailing address and I'll give it to the donors. I promise that I will then discard those addresses, and you'll never get junk mail from me at your mailing address or your email address.  But that's why there is a US-only giveaway -- the donors are footing this bill themselves, out of the goodness of their hearts, and so they get to choose how far they are willing to ship things.

This giveaway runs through the end of Sunday, September 27.  I will draw the winners on Monday, September 28 and post the names of the winners that day, as well a notify them by email.

PLEASE make sure your information for the giveaway widgets includes your current email address so that if you win a prize, you'll get the email informing you that you won! If you don't reply to my email by Monday, Oct. 5, I will choose another winner and award your prize to them instead.

Here we go!

US Only

The Hobbit Book Cover mug from Caesar's Forum

Gandalf Quote bookmark from Elf Script

Bag End bookmark from The Fig and Thimble

Winner's choice of any ONE Tolkien-related ornament 
from Holly and Her Hobbies

Arwen Evenstar iron-on patch from Lynellen

Winner's choice of any ONE item up to $35
with the "Food, Cheer, and Song" logo from Pie Towel

1.5-cup pottery bowl "for herbs and stewed rabbit" from The Ring and the Lion

Winner's choice of ONE Tolkien candle holder from Vieve La Rein

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Dragon Charm thong bookmark from Book Niche

"Food and cheer and song" print -- digital download from A Crescendence 

Winner's choice of any ONE Tolkien-related digital download
from Elemental Digital
"Not all those who wander are lost" print digital download
from Ilze Lucero Designs

Complete set of 22 Hobbit stickers from Lonely Full Moon

Hobbit Bingo game -- digital download from Wormwood Apothecary

Set of 4 Hobbit movie-related buttons donated by me

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

    My favorites are the Bag End bookmark and the Hobbit book cover mug!

    My favorites from various Etsy shops:

    Ceasar's Forum: Hobbit mug and Narnia mug
    The Fig and Thimble: Hobbit hole journal
    Holly and her Hobbies: Tree of Gondor Shield Ornament
    The Ring and Lion: Hobbit hole mug with mauve door

  2. I really love the pillow; travel mug, notebook, and the candle. LOL. ;)

    Ceasar's Forum: Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe mug
    Elf Script: Miss Jane Austen bookmark
    The Fig and the Thimble: The wildflower gift tags
    Holly and her Hobbies: Narnia Faun Tumnus' Books Christmas Ornamen

  3. My favorites are the two bookmarks.

    My favorites from the Etsy shops:

    Caesar's Forum: Hobbit book mug
    Elfscript: Tolkien Bookmark: The Elves No. 2
    The Fig and Thimble: Hobbit hole journal and Tolkien tags
    Holly and her Hobbies: Tree of Gondor shield ornament and Narnia shield ornament
    The Ring and Lion: Hobbit Hole Teacup and Saucer--Blue Door and Narnia Lampost Child-Sized Porcelain Stein

  4. We are planning a hobbit party here at our house today. This is a great idea. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! Elf Script and The Fig and the Thimble are two of my favorite Etsy shops. The bookmarks are lovely. One of my new favorite items is the "A Bit of a Garden of My Own Succulent Planter" at The Ring and the Lion.

  5. My favorites are the hobbit mug and the "not all those who wander" print

    Lonely full moon: Hobbit stickers
    Book niche: Compass Rose book thomg
    Wormwood Apothecary: Hobbit bingo game.

  6. You are so awesome to host this!!

    My favorite prizes in the giveaway are the Hobbit Hole mug and the gorgeous candle holder. Love both of them!

    My fav item on Caesar's Forum is still the Hobbit book cover mug, although I do love that SherLocked mug. Darn, I wish I was still crazy in love with that show.

    In ElfScript's shop, LOVE the Wodehouse quote bookmarks, especially the one about tea. Genius, I may have to buy one for myself for Christmas.

    In The Fig and Thimble shop, the Red Rose tags are quite lovely.

    For Holly and Her Hobbies, love the Wizard is Never Late ornament. Too cute.

    Lynellen's shop has that really nice Elf Leaf cellphone pouch thing. Like that a lot.

    PieTowel's The Angel is in the Detail design is pretty awesome. Must be because I do data entry for a living.

    The Ring and the Lion. Oh my gosh, that Hobbit Hole teacup with the red door!! LOVE IT! So much that I may get it for a birthday gift for my sister! Yes, I love it, but I know she will too. Maybe I'll buy one with a different colored door and we'll have a pair!

    VieveLaRein, I pretty much love the piece that will be given away. Seriously, it's amazing, how very clever. Although the Beauty and the Beast candle holder is beautiful too.

    So, if I get a chance to visit the sites for the Worldwide giveaway, I'll do that, and I'm afraid I'll have to do it as a separate post. I ran out of time tonight. :)

  7. My favorite prizes are the two mugs. I drink a ton of tea, and for the longest time I've wanted a LOTR mug. I also loved the button set.

    On Caesar's Forum I loved the TARDIS mug design and the SHERlocked mug. I'm actually wearing an I am SHERlocked shirt right now. :)

    On Elf Script I liked the birdhouse bookmark. It was so pretty!

    On TheFigandThimble I liked the Smaug bookmark. It looked so cool! Especially the smoke. I don't think I could ever draw that well.

    On Holly and Hobbies I LOVED the OUAT Black Swan pillow. I just finished watching the premier, and OH MY GOSH so good. As well as the Mr. Tumnes books pillow, that was adorable.

    On Lynellen's Embroidery Creations I liked the elf leaf bag. It was so well done.

    The Ring and the Lion was so difficult to pick. All the mugs were so awesome. I loved the Smaug one with the gold, it was so pretty.

    On Vieve la Reine I liked the TARDIS print. I am a diehard Whovian and I am always drawn to anything TARDIS. :)

    Unfortunately I'll have to do the post on another day because it's already pretty late (I have to go to bed in a couple minutes).

  8. -My 2 favourite giveaway items : dragon charm thong bookmark & The hobbit stickers

    My favourite items from each shop:

    1. Book Niche -Carnivale Masquerade Mask Book Thong Bookmark
    2. A Crescendence- Love Each Other and Remember the Feeling Printable Quote
    3. Elemental Digital-Ah Music, A Magic Beyond Poster, Harry Potter Quote printable
    4. Ilze Lucero Designs - Wedding Engagement Flower, Wreath, Jar, Ribbon PNG overlays , clip art
    5. Lonely Full Moon- Hobbit stickers
    6.Wormwood Apothecary - The hobbit bingo party game

  9. My favorites are the ornament and one of the "Food, Cheer, and Song" items.

    Caesar's Forum: Star Wars Luke Mug
    Elf Script: Custom Bookmark
    The Fig and Thimble: Cotton Cloak with Hood
    Holly and Her Hobbies: Star Trek Logo
    Lynellen: Dancing Fire Blaze Flames
    Pie Towel: Food Cheer and Song
    The Ring and the Lion: Hobbit Hole Teacup
    Vieve La Rein: Lord of the Rings Candle holder

    I hope that answers all of the questions! I hope to have the Q and A post up soon as well.


  10. So cool!
    If I won I would love the Bag End bookmark or the Food cheer and song notebook.
    Favorite items from the Etsy shops!
    Caesar's Forum- The T.A.R.D.I.S. mug!!!!
    Elf Script- The greeting cards.... specifically the one with "may the blessings of elves and men and all free folk go with you."
    The fig and thimble- the sketchbook with the hobbit hole on the front
    Holly and her hobbies- the book narnia pillow
    Lynellen's embroidery creations- I love her cat stethoscope embroidery design.
    Pie towel- I like her "Young cannot open a book without learning something" design
    The ring and the lion- I love the hobbit hole tea cup but everything she has is so cute!
    Vieve la rein- I love her LOTR candle holders!

  11. My two favorites are The Hobbit Book Cover Mug, and the "Food, Cheer, and Song" items.

    1. Book Niche: Mad Hatter Book Thong Bookmark

    2. A Crescendence: Old Enough to Read Fairy Tales Again C.S.Lewis

    3. Elemental Digital: What About Second Breakfast Poster, LOTR quote

    4. Ilze Lucero Designs: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost, Quote Printable

    5. Lonely Full Moon: The Hobbit Stickers

    6. Wormwood Apothecary: The Hobbit Bingo Party Game

    Thank you! I also did the Q and A on my blog, very fun!

    1. Morgan, thanks for joining the party! I hope to find time to read your answers this evening. Don't forget to add the link to your post to the linky widget if you want others to find it and make some new friends.

  12. I am so sorry. I just realized what I commented is for the Worldwide giveaway, and not for the US. Very sorry. So here is the one for the US.
    My favorites are, The Hobbit Book Cover Mug, and the "Food, Cheer, and Song" items.

    Caesar's Forum: Star Wars R2-D2 Mug

    Elf Script: Tolkien Bookmark: The Fellowship of the Ring

    The Fig and Thimble: The Medieval Peasant Hat with Feather

    Holly and Her Hobbies: Mr. Spock Star Trek Stencil Pillow Christmas Tree Ornament, on khaki denim fabric reversed, with black and white print fabric.

    Lynellen: LOTR Elf Leaf 4-inch iron-on patch

    Pie Towel: "Food, Cheer, and Song" Tote Bag

    The Ring and the Lion: Hobbit Hole Teacup and Saucer-Blue Door.
    It's so gorgeous!

    Vieve La Rein: Lord of the Rings Candle holder, centerpiece

    So many awesome items! :D

    1. You are welcome to enter both, if you live in the US :-)

    2. O good! Yes I do. :-D Thank you so much!

  13. Ok, I'm sorry to leave two comments but here goes:

    Favorite shop items:
    The Ring and the Lion: hehe. Perhaps I'm a bit biased but I do love everything. I guess the things I love the best I keep and don't put up for sale! The painted door teacups were a longer-ish project and I was very happy with how they came out and so I'll go with those.

    Fig and Thimble: LOVE the hobbit door notecards. In fact I think I should buy them right now before someone else does. There products are so reasonably priced and I've shopped with them twice in the past. Highly recommend them.

    Holly and Her Hobbies: Love the white tree of gondor on the black background. Very striking.

    Elf Script: Elven King's Hall bookmark. That sort of art is one of my favorite styles.

    1. I love your Hobbit door teacups too and have been sorely tempted by them for a while now. But I'm having trouble justifying yet another mug/teacup. But they're soooooooo lovely!

  14. Hey, for some reason the giveaway widget is recognizing my sign in (using email not Facebook). I am trying to add my link to the Q&A thing. I am not sure if my first attempt did not register or what, but I do not want to enter the giveaway twice if my first attempt worked. Anyway, here is the link (I added it to the link widget).


    1. James, the US-only giveaway did register a bunch of entries from you, but not for the "participation" one, so go ahead and try that again. You may just link to your blog if it will accept that.

  15. My favorite U.S. prizes are the 'for herbs and stewed rabbit' bowl and the candles holder. Here are my favorites from Etsy:

    Lynellen: the Tree of Gondor pillow
    The Ring and the Lion: Smaug mug
    VieveLaReign: LOTR candle holder
    Caesar's Forum: Hobbit mug
    ElfScript: Elvenking's Halls bookmark
    TheFigandThimble: Hobbit hole notecards
    HollyAndHerHobbies: 'Not all who wander are lost' pillow
    Pie Towel: tracks and signs shirt

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I'm disappointed I don't have time to participate in the party this year, but it's fun to watch!

  16. so excited about this giveaway!
    my favorite gifts from the US giveaway are the The Hobbit book cover mug, the pie towel "food, song, and cheer" products.
    and from the world-wide giveaway the "not all those who wander are lost" picture, and the buttons!

  17. My favorites for the US giveaway are the Bag End bookmark and the "Food, Cheer and Song" items. My faves for the Worldwide giveaway are the Dragon charm bookmark and the stickers. Really, though, I love everything! You've put together some great giveaways :)

  18. Thank you so much for hosting!! I'm so excited to enter!!

    My favorites from the US are the Hobbit Book Cover mug, the candle holders, and the quote pillow!

    My worldwide favorites are the stickers and the buttons!

  19. Wow, you got such great artists and crafters to participate in this! Well done; I love it all. My favorite US-only prizes are the mug (of course) and the pottery bowl. So pretty!
    Now for my favorites from the shops:
    Caesar's Forum--The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Mug (mug addiction, w00tw00t)
    ElfScript--Tolkien Feather Bookmark (although I want so many bookmarks from this shop now!)
    The Fig and Thimble--Smaug Bookmark V (the owl watercolors are also lovely)
    Holly and Her Hobbies--Inara's "Defend My Honor" Teapot Ornament (because Firefly!)
    Lynellen--Hearts Irish Celtic Knot Design (some really pretty LOTR ones, too)
    Pie Towel--Fairytales Spiral Notebook (can't go wrong with C.S. Lewis!)
    The Ring and the Lion--Cream, Sugar, and Cup Set (how perfect for teatime!)
    Vieve La Rein--Fairy Wedding Crown (beautiful--I wish I had a reason to wear one)
    My favorite World-Wide prizes are the "Food and Cheer and Song" print download and the one Tolkien-related print download.
    From this set of shops:
    Book Niche--Green Leaf or Owl Book Thong (can't decide)
    A Crescendence--Lewis's Fairy Tales or Harry's Head Printable Quote (can't decide again--so many fun things!)
    Elemental Digital--All That is Gold Does Not Glitter Poem Poster Download (some other close seconds)
    Ilze Lucero Designs--Blue Watercolor Baby Shower Invitation (with butterflies, I think--so pretty!)
    Lonely Full Moon--Hobbit stickers (especially fun to make bookmarks, I think)
    Wormwood Apothecary--Halloween-Themed Drink and Bottle Labels (getting in the Fall spirit)
    Thanks so much for the giveaways and the party in general! I'm having fun participating; hopefully I can do a game or two this weekend before it ends!

    1. Hannah, the Rafflecopter widgets are showing me that you've only actually entered the US-only giveaway one time, not all the entries you should have for visiting all the shops. And it hasn't recorded you entering the Worldwide giveaway at all -- can you check and make sure you actually submitted all your entries?

      Anyway, I'm glad you're having lots of fun with the party :-) I am too!

    2. You're right, it was really late/early and I forgot to go back after commenting. But I have now! :)

  20. Thanks so much for hosting these, Hamlette!:D Okay, so. Here are my favorites:

    From Caesar's Forum: The Hobbit cover mug or the I Am SHERlocked mug

    From Elf Script: Arwen and Aragorn bookmark

    From The Fig and Thimble: Tolkien Tags Variety Pack

    From Holly and Her Hobbies: Faun Tumnus' Books ornament

    From Lynellen: What About Second Breakfast appliqué

    From Pie Towel: Food and Cheer and Song hardcover journal

    From The Ring and the Lion: The Tales That Matter stoneware

    From Vieve La Rein: Beauty and the Beast wedding candle holder

    I hope I did that right…anyway, lots of fun!:)

  21. Hamlette, I make one wrong entry on US-only widget, and I can't undo it, I'm sorry.
    Those prizes are amazing, my favorites are Dragon Charm Thong Bookmark and Tolkien-related digital download from Elemental Digital

    My favorites items on Etsy:
    Book Niche: Mad Hatter Book Thong Bookmark
    A Crescendence: Brainy is the New Sexy
    Elemental Digital: "I have loved the stars too fondly" Digital Wall Art Poster
    Ilze Lucero Designs: "Dare to Fly" Inspirational Art Digital Print
    Lonely Full Moon: Hobbit stickers
    Wormwood Apothecary: Bingo Party Game


    1. Bzee, thanks for letting me know! I can just "disqualify" that and it won't be an issue :-)

  22. Oh... my. Big day yesterday and then I was just doing the Sunday late night kitchen clean-up and realized I hadn't entered yet!!! ;P What lovely prizes!! :)

    From the first section my choices would be:
    #1 - the pottery bowl from The Ring and the Lion
    #2 - the Bag End bookmark from Fig and Thimble
    #3 - something with "Food, Cheer, and Song" from Pie Towel
    or #4 - (what I won and love from last year!) a candle holder from Vieve Le Rein

  23. And a second comment -- after visiting the Etsy shops my favorite items are:

    The Fig and Thimble - the Warbler Study, original watercolor
    Pie Towel - the cell phone case is too neat!, I LOVE the tote bag, and the coffee mug and journal
    The Ring and the Lion - I love the gold lettering on the "Garden of My Own Succulent Planter"
    Vieve La Rein - the candle holders and fairy wedding crowns

    (So much lovely handiwork -- it's soooo hard to pick!)

  24. One last comment.... I realized I gave you four favorite items. Dear me, so much loveliness! I'm sure you can sort it out if necessary, but my apologies. ;P

    1. Enthusiasm is always welcome, my dear! I'm so glad you remembered and got here in time to enter :-)

    2. Still 87 minutes left if you want to enter the worldwide one too :-) Off to bed I go now -- hope your weekend was awesome!

    3. *grinning* oh, good -- whew! (And btw, I just sent you off a quick email. ;)) Thank you! It was actually. Very full... but I think thoroughly memorable. :)


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