Monday, September 28, 2015

Answers to Middle Earth Locations Quiz

Here are the answers for the locations quiz!  Scores are below.

1.  The Argonath on the Rivier Anduin

2.  The Doors of Durin, entrance to Moria

3.  Rivendell (Imladris)

4.  Minas Tirith in Gondor

5.  Mount Doom in Mordor

6.  Meduseld at Edoras, in Rohan

7.  Bag End in Hobbiton, in the Shire

8.  Dale

9.  Laketown (Esgaroth)

10.  Orthanc at Isengard

I accepted variations on most of those (Orthanc or Isengard, or either Edoras or Meduseld, for instance), but if you just put "Gondor" or "Rohan" or "Mordor," I felt like that was too general and didn't give you the point.  Does that make sense?  


Carissa -- 10
Edith -- 10
Erudessa Aranduriel -- 10
Isaac Benjamin -- 10
Manette -- 10
Reyna Nicole -- 10
Sarah -- 10
Bzee -- 9
Lois J. -- 9
Lynn M. -- 9
Olivia -- 9
Jacqueline -- 8
Morgan Mickschl -- 7


  1. Whoo-hoo! highest possible score! Thanks for doing this quiz.

  2. I knew I flubbed when I said Falls of Rauros but I couldn't place the river! :(

    1. The Falls of Rauros are farther on down the Anduin, so right river, wrong spot is all.


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