Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Classics Club Monthly Meme: September, 2015

I haven't done the Classics Club's monthly meme in ages, so I thought I'd give it a whirl this month.  They instruct me to "select a fellow classics clubber you’d like to feature on your blog... Tell readers why you value this club member.  Highlight at least one post from his/her blog."

I select Ruth of A Great Book Study because her book reviews are so insightful.  She has a genuine hunger for learning and understanding, and she intrepidly dives into books that have daunted me for years.  But she's also not afraid to say, "I didn't get this book," if she's read something puzzling, which is admirable.

Recently, she wrote about the Little House books in a great post called "Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Little House Series, and the Race to Adulthood."  In it, she cited passage after passage from the "Little House" books about how growing up and maturing was praised and sought after in those days, unlike today's childishness-obsessed society.  I love that series, and have read or listened to all the books in it over and over, and I heartily agreed with her conclusions.  

If you enjoy reading blog posts about books that take a deep, thoughtful look into a wide variety of texts, I recommend you check out Ruth's blog!


  1. I'll definitely be checking it out! Nice feature!

  2. A very nice promo. :)

    I read the Little House books when I was a child, but don't remember that many details from them. My sister on the other hand remembers them almost word for word. Amazing.

    1. Carissa, thanks! Like your sister, I remember so many details from the Little House books -- they really had a big impact on me.


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