Sunday, September 22, 2019

Giveaway for A Tolkien Blog Party 2019

Huzzah!  The partying can now commence!  I hereby present to you the nine prizes for this year's Tolkien Blog Party Giveaway!

ONE winner will receive all four of these Tolkien-themed bookmarks which I bought as printable files from the Etsy shop Mirkwood Scribes, then printed out myself on card stock and laminated with contact paper for extra durability.

ONE winner will receive this "vegan leather" bookmark that I purchased from the Etsy shop A Fine Quotation.

TWO winners will EACH receive ONE set of THREE stickers that I purchased from the Etsy shop Sweet Sequels.  The top three stickers are the "Locations" trio (Lothlorien, Rivendell, Minas Morgul), and the bottom three stickers are the "Quotations" trio ("Courage is found..." "I feel like Spring after winter..." and "All that is gold...").

TWO winners will EACH receive ONE necklace that I made myself.  One necklace says "hope" and has a little leaf charm, and one necklace says "be brave" and has a little sword charm.

ONE winner will receive the Sam and Frodo coaster I got in my Middle-earth-themed book box from Flick the Wick.

ONE winner will receive the two-ounce "Thranduil" candle I received in my Middle-earth-themed book box from Flick the Wick

ONE winner will receive this copy of An Atlas of Tolkien by David Day, which I reviewed here last year.  Please note that this is a USED copy, and has some sticker residue on the front cover, as seen in the above picture.  I think you can scrape this residue off if you're patient -- I just gave up because I needed to take my photos for this post while the light was nice.  Below are a few more images so you know what the back and insides are like.

This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.  

As always, the main way to gain entries is to participate in the party by contributing a post, either your answers to the official tag or another Tolkien-related post, then adding your post's link to the Mister Linky widget at the bottom of that kick-off post.  But that isn't required!  You can also earn entries by doing other things like commenting, following, and telling me your prize choices.  I do my best to match winners with their choice of prizes, but that doesn't always work out -- that's why I ask for your top three choices.

This giveaway runs through the end of Friday, September 27. I will draw the winners on Saturday, September 28 and post the names of the winners on this blog, as well a notify them by email, no later than Sunday, September 29.

PLEASE make sure your information for the giveaway widget includes your current email address so that if you win a prize, you'll get the email informing you that you won! If you don't reply to my email by Saturday, October 5, I will choose another winner and award your prize to them instead.

Here's the widget:

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  1. I'm so happy this is starting!! :D

    The prizes are, as always, amazing. My top three choices would be:

    #1: Quotations stickers
    #2: Vegan leather bookmark
    #3: Locations stickers

    (I do already own the Tolkien atlas, so if I happen to win that one, please do go ahead and choose a different winner. :))

    Thanks for doing this again! I'm working on my tag answers now. ;)

  2. Thank you for putting this together. It is so much fun.
    My top three choices are the candle, the quotation stickers, and the card stock bookmarks.

  3. Hamlette, what a Fantasticks giveaway! I love all the wonderful Tolkien goodies you are offering! This is actually the first year I have a better idea what you are talking about...I watched the movies and read the books for the first time a couple months ago! The Lord of the Rings is now on my list of top favourite!
    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! You are so generous!
    I love the bookmarks...and the location/quotation tickers... although everything is amazing!

    1. Kelly-Anne, YAY! I'm so excited that you've read and seen LOTR at last! Oh, such a rich, deep, splendid story.

  4. 1. the four bookmarks
    2. the sword necklace
    3. the Thranduil candle

    And wow, you sure are good at these giveaways! Fantastic prizes, Hamlette!

  5. Sheesh, what lovely prizes!! Hmmmm, ok these are my favorites:

    1 -- the 4 bookmarks
    2 -- the "Quotations" trio of stickers
    3 -- the Tolkien Atlas

    Thank you and really looking forward to all the festivities! :)

  6. Ooo - I like the

    1. Atlas.
    2. Candle.
    3. And necklces!

  7. "Leave a comment on this post telling me what your three favorite prizes are."
    1. "Locations" stickers.
    2. "Quotations" stickers.
    3. "Thranduil" candle.

  8. What a fun giveaway!
    1. Book
    2. Candle
    3. Cardstock bookmarks

  9. Going to be putting up my party post soon, but here are my top three choices! :PPP
    Uno: Location Stickers
    Duo: Quote stickers
    Tres: Hope necklace

    Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Ceci! I hope you're having a good one too.

  10. Don't have a blog so hopefully just commenting occasionally will do it. If I win, any of the bookmarks would be good.

  11. I woulld really love the necklaces with Be Brave on it, the Tolkien atlas, or the Thranduil candle. :)

  12. Amazing prizes!

    I love the Thranduil candle, the bookmarks, and the atlas.

  13. AHHHHHHHHHHHH YES THE TOLKIEN BLOG PARTY HAS BEGUN!!! My three favorite prizes are the Frodo and Sam coaster, the Be Brave necklace, and the Tolkien atlas. XP

    1. MEM, indeedy! One of my favorite weeks of the year :-)

  14. Amazing prizes! So excited the Tolkien Blog Party is back!!! One of my favorite things every year!

    My favorite prizes are the necklaces and the book!

    1. Awww, thanks, Jenelle Leanne! It's a favorite week for me too :-)

  15. So excited to see all the posts this week! The bookmarks, stickers, and necklaces are so lovely <3

    Thanks for hosting again, Hamlette!

    1. Fawnabelle, I know! People have been sharing some awesome posts. Totally cool.

      Thanks for joining the party again!

  16. Oh my gosh, why do you always have THE BEST giveaways?!! And worldwide!! <3

    1. The necklaces! Oh my gosh, they're amazing! (I would SO wear one!!) I thiiink my favourite of the two is the "Be Brave" one. :)
    2. The candle! :D
    3. The coaster! So cute!

    1. Gabby, it's because I'm in training to become a fairy godmother ;-)

  17. 1. stickers: locations
    3. stickers: quotations

  18. These are all so cool!
    Mine and Anna's top three favorite picks are:
    1. The Necklaces
    2. The place stickers
    3. The quote stickers
    Aaaaaand we also really like the bookmarks. Just saying. Since Anna and I both have the same blog, I'm just using my name and if we get anything we'll share the prizes.

  19. These are sooo cool! I love this party! *dances* And what an epic giveaway. :)

    My top choices would be the book, the candle, or the four bookmarks, in that order. But everything's adorable!

    1. Deborah O'Carroll, I'm glad you love the party! I do too :-)

  20. They are all so amazing!
    The necklaces! I love both, but I'm feeling "Be Brave". Oh, and the candle! I love candles. Thank you!

  21. My preferences would be
    1. four bookmark set
    2. quotation stickers
    3. leather bookmark

    This is such a fun way to celebrate Tolkien Week!!

  22. Oh my word, why didn't I find out about this blog party sooner?!
    This looks amazing, and I definitely want to do a blog post answering all the questions, but it's not going to be in time for the official party...because it's the night of the 27th...and I've been up since before the sun came up, and so am tired...but I want to enter the giveaway, so I'm commenting. XD

    Prize preferences:
    1. Atlas
    2. Four bookmark set
    3. Location sticker set

    1. Marlene, not to worry! The giveaway ends at midnight the 27th, but the party carries on through the 28th. I might not even get a chance to choose and notify the giveaway winners until late the 28th. We shall see!

  23. Also, I don't know if it matters, but the email I'm using for entry is different from the email attached to my Blogger account...

    1. Marlene, is that email attached to the name Marlene Simonette somehow? If not, you can comment here with what the email address is, and I will delete that comment instead of sharing it, since comments are on moderation until sometime tomorrow.


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