Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Tolkien Family Relationships Quiz

It's game time!  Here is a little quiz I made up about all different family relationships in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.  You can leave your guesses in the comments (I'm moderating comments for this reason), and then I'll post the answers and everyone's scores at the end of the week.  Have fun!

#1  Which of these pairs are NOT father and son?
     a.  Gloin and Gimli
     b.  Thranduil and Legolas
     c.  Bilbo and Frodo
     d.  Bard and Bain

#2  Which of these pairs are NOT siblings?
     a.  Eomer and Eowyn
     b.  Balin and Dwalin
     c.  Boromir and Faramir
     d.  Bifor and Bofur

#3  How are Merry and Pippin related?
     a.  they are siblings
     b.  they are cousins
     c.  they are in-laws
     d.  they aren't related at all

#4  How are Elrond and Galadriel related?
     a.  they are siblings
     b.  they are cousins
     c.  they are in-laws
     d.  they aren't related at all

#5  What is Theoden's son named?
     a.  Theodred
     b.  Eomer
     c.  Thengal
     d.  Eothud

#6  What are Arwen's brothers named?
     a.  Glorfindel and Gildor
     b.  Elrohir and Elladan
     c.  Haldir and Fingon
     d.  Beregond and Bergil

#7  Eowyn is Theoden's __________.
     a.  daughter
     b.  granddaughter
     c.  niece
     d.  sister

#8  Which of these pairs are NOT married to each other?
     a.  Ioreth and Imrahil
     b.  Tom Bombadil and Goldberry
     c.  Celeborn and Galadriel
     d.  Beren and Luthien

#9  Sam Gamgee and Rosie Cotton named their first child __________.
     a.  Rose
     b.  Daisy
     c.  Goldilocks
     d.  Elanor

#10  Bilbo Baggins' parents were named ____________.
     a.  Bungo and Belladonna
     b.  Pongo and Perdita
     c.  Drogo and Delphinium
     d.  Frodo and Frieda 


  1. # 1 - c
    # 2 - d? I think those two are the cousins. I'm not sure though.
    #10 - a

    There we go! Thank you for the game!

  2. Well this is an excellent idea for a game! Though, most of these are guesses...oh boy. O_o

    1. c
    2. b
    3. b
    4. c
    5. a
    6. b
    7. c
    8. a
    9. d
    10. a

    NO idea. But thanks for the game!

  3. Fun!!! My genealogy skills are a bit rusty, but here's my best guess: 1c, 2b, 3b, 4b, 5a, 6b, 7c, 8a, 9d, 10c. I only hope I haven't screwed it up completely because I'm doing it from my phone))

  4. Ooh, great idea! I'm not the most knowledgeable in this area, but we'll see how I do. ;)

    #1. c (Yay, I know this one!)
    #2. b (Just a guess--I'm not that sure who the dwarves are related to)
    #3. d (I feel like this is correct?)
    #4. a (Again, just going on intuition)
    #5. a (Haha, finally one I KNOW!)
    #6. b (Feels like it's correct...)
    #7. c (I know this one's right!)
    #8. a (I know the last two are married, and I feel like Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are)
    #9. c (I think I've seen this somewhere? Maybe on Pinterest. XD)
    #10. a (I know it's not b ;D)

    This was fun, Hamlette! Hopefully I got at least some of them right!

  5. 1. c
    2. d
    3. b
    4. c
    5. a
    6. b
    7. c
    8. a
    9. d
    10. a

  6. 1: C, 2: D ,3: D ,4: C, 5: A, 6: B, 7: C, 8: A, 9: D, 10: A

    That looks a bit like alien jargon.

    Thank you for the game!

    Miranda Jo

  7. I haven't done the first tag but yay! I hope I can get these right!

    1. C
    2. D
    3. D?
    4. C
    5. A?
    6. B
    7. C
    8. B?
    9. D
    10. A

    Thanks again for deciding to host this party, Hamlette! :D

  8. 1. C Bilbo and Frodo
    2. D Bifur and Bofur
    3. D they aren't related
    4. D they are in-laws
    5. A Theodred
    6. A Elrohir and Elladan
    7. C Niece
    8. A Ioreth and Imrahil (I don't remember who Ioreth is, but since the other three sets are married, it has to be this one by default! LOL)
    9. D Elanor (I'm pretty sure, cuz I named my cat after her!)
    10. A Bungo and Belladonna (for a few minutes I read this question as Frodo's parents and was like, isn't it Drogo and a chick whose name starts with P that I can never remember? I almost answered none of the above until I realized it was Bilbo and not Frodo. LOL!)

  9. Let's see...

    1. c
    2. Oh man, d?
    3. b??
    4. d
    5. d
    6. a
    7. a
    8. d?
    9. c?
    10. a

    Good idea! Not too challenging but not too easy. :) I'm curious now about the answers.

  10. #1 Which of these pairs are NOT father and son?
    c. Bilbo and Frodo

    #2 Which of these pairs are NOT siblings?
    b. Balin and Dwalin

    #3 How are Merry and Pippin related?
    b. they are cousins

    #4 How are Elrond and Galadriel related?
    c. they are in-laws

    #5 What is Theoden's son named?
    b. Eomer

    #6 What are Arwen's brothers named?
    a. Glorfindel and Gildor

    #7 Eowyn is Theoden's __________.
    a. daughter

    #8 Which of these pairs are NOT married to each other?
    b. Tom Bombadil and Goldberry

    #9 Sam Gamgee and Rosie Cotton named their first child __________.
    d. Elanor

    #10 Bilbo Baggins' parents were named ____________.
    b. Pongo and Perdita

  11. Gosh, I haven't been here in ages! I'm so glad you're doing Tolkien Week!
    1. c
    2. a
    3. b
    4. c
    5. a
    6. c
    7. a
    8. a
    9. d
    10. a

  12. #1 ~ c. Bilbo and Frodo
    #2 ~ d. Bifur and Bofur
    #3 ~ b. they are cousins
    #4 ~ c. they are in-laws
    #5 ~ a. Theodred
    #6 ~ b. Elladan and Elrohir
    #7 ~ c. niece
    #8 ~ a. Ioreth and Inrahil
    #9 ~ d. Elanor
    #10 ~ a. Bungo and Belladonna

  13. Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun! *unleashes inner Tolien geek*

    1. c
    2. d
    3. b (or is it c? huh. dunno, I'm too lazy to go check the family tree :D)
    4. c
    5. a
    6. b
    7. c
    8. b (definitely don't know on this one, but oh well :D)
    9. d
    10. a

  14. 1. C
    2. B Eeep, I should know this since I read the Hobbit and watched the movies most recently, but I can only guess between the dwarf pairs.
    3. B
    4. C
    5. A
    6. B
    7. C
    8. A
    9. D
    10. C I really have NO idea
    These quizzes are so fun!

  15. It's been a while but here goes: 1. c, 2. b, 3. b, 4. c, 5. b, 6. a, 7. d, 8. a, 9. c. 10. a

  16. Oooh!! This looks like SO much fun!!!!!!
    Okay let's see.

    1. c. Bilbo and Frodo

    2. a. Eomer and Eowyn

    3. b. Cousins?

    4. d. They aren't related at all.

    5. a. Theodred

    6. b. Elrohir and Elladan... maybe?

    7. c. Niece

    8. d. Beren and Luthien

    9. d. Elanor (I know this well because I was writing a story with her in it when I was nine :)

    10. c. Drogo and Delphinium.

    Wow! Is was tougher than I thought! I need to re read the books! (I haven't read them all the way through since I was ten.) Thank you so much for hosting this!


  17. Oh, gosh, this is quite a challenge - let's do it! :D

    #1. c - Bilbo and Frodo.

    #2. d - Bifor and Bofur... I think. Gosh, that's hard. :P

    #3. Oh, I thought I knew that one and then when I think about it... I'll go with b - they are cousins.

    #4. d - they aren't related at all.

    #5. a - Theodred.

    #6. Oh, wow... um, I'll go with b.

    #7. c - niece.

    #8. Not sure, but maybe it was b - Tom Bombadil and Goldberry?

    #9. Oh, oh oh!! I knew it and now I can't remember!! Two of those are ones I'm SURE they named their girls. I thiiink it was c - Goldilocks.

    #10. I think it's a - Bungo and Belladonna.

    This was an excellent game! Thanks. :D

    ~Miss Meg

  18. Thanks for playing, everyone! I posted the answers right here this morning :-)


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