Saturday, September 24, 2016

Answers to the Tolkien Family Relationships Quiz

Here are the answers and scores for the Tolkien Family Relationships Quiz I posted earlier this week!  Well done, everyone.  Thanks for playing!


#1  Which of these pairs are NOT father and son?
     c.  Bilbo and Frodo

#2  Which of these pairs are NOT siblings?
     d.  Bifor and Bofur
(but they are cousins)

#3  How are Merry and Pippin related?
     b.  they are cousins

#4  How are Elrond and Galadriel related?
     c.  they are in-laws
(Elrond married Galadriel's daughter)

#5  What is Theoden's son named?
     a.  Theodred

#6  What are Arwen's brothers named?
     b.  Elrohir and Elladan

#7  Eowyn is Theoden's __________.
     c.  niece

#8  Which of these pairs are NOT married to each other?
     a.  Ioreth and Imrahil

#9  Sam Gamgee and Rosie Cotton named their first child __________.
     d.  Elanor

#10  Bilbo Baggins' parents were named ____________.
     a.  Bungo and Belladonna


10 -- Erudessa Aranduriel
10 -- Manette
9 -- Cordy
9 -- DKoren
9 -- Miranda Jo
9 -- Savannah Grace
8 -- Fawnabelle Baggins
8 -- Livia Rachelle
7 -- Ekaterina Egorova
7 -- Elizabeth Anne D.
7 -- Miss Meg
6 -- E
6 -- Mary Horton
5 -- Phyl
4 -- Meredith
4 -- The Elf
3 -- MovieCritic

Thanks for playing!


  1. Thank you for the fun game!! It was so fun to taks part!!!

    1. Thanks for playing, MovieCritic! I'm glad you had fun :-)

  2. Oh, this was a very fun one too! (They all were, GAWSH. You sure know how to party. ;D)

    Haha, and I didn't even do too bad! Although why is it I remember things as soon as I see the answer? :P And then kick myself and think, "Duh, you SHOULD have known that! What were you THINKING?!" But no, it was a challenging game and I love a challenge!

    ~Miss Meg

    P.S. I think one of the many reasons of my getting ANY answers right, other than reading the books and watching the movies, is that I've played a large amount of the LOTR trivial pursuit (which is SO good, may I just say) and honestly, it tests your knowledge to the limits. How else would I know who's the tallest of the hobbits, what Gandalf's sword's name is, and how many times Gandalf whacks Denethor with his staff? :P Trivial pursuit is always about such serious, life changing stuff, I know. But at least it makes me FEEL smart. Hehe.

    1. Miss Meg, I LOVE the LOTR Trivial Pursuit game! We've owned it for years, but only played it a few times because we don't have a lot of LOTR-loving friends who live near enough to play such games together. (And how many times DID Gandalf whack Denethor? Not often enough, methinks.)


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