Friday, September 9, 2016

A Glimpse of the Tolkien Giveaway Prizes

Just in case you've been eaten up with curiosity about what I'm giving away this year for the Tolkien Blog Party... now you can see that they are bookmarks!  Which I made myself.  They are thong bookmarks, so they have something on each end of a piece of cotton cord, and they should fit most hardcover books.  If you're wondering what's on the other end of each of these... you'll find out on the 18th :-)

(And yes, this giveaway will be open world-wide.)(And no, I'm not giving away the books too, sorry.)


  1. That's a big stack of books. ;)

    You should read "Bandersnatch" if you're ever in a mind -- she talks a lot about Tolkien and how Lewis and the Inklings influenced his writing. :)

    1. Charity, yes, it is. And I have a bunch more about Tolkien and LOTR, though I haven't read most of them yet. I'll add Bandersnatch to my wish list!


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