Friday, April 1, 2016

Poetry Month Celebration -- The Tag and Link-Up

Today marks the start of my month-long poetry shindig.  And what would a blog celebration be without a tag?  Here are seven poetry-related questions for you to answer, if you so desire.  Copy and paste to your own blog and answer them there, then come back and add your post's link to the linky list so we can all learn about each others' tastes in poetry!

The Questions

What are some poems you like?

What are some poems you dislike?

Are there any poets whose work you especially enjoy?  If so, who are they?

Do you write poetry?

Have you ever memorized a poem?

Do you prefer poetry that rhymes and had a strict meter, or free verse?  Or do you like both?

Do you have any particular poetry movements you're fond of?  (Beat poets, Romanticism, Fireside poets, etc?)(If you haven't got any idea what I'm talking about, that's fine!  You can check out this list for more info, if you want to.)

The Link-Up

Please note:  This link-up is just for the tag.  When you post other poetry-related things for the month-long celebration, comment with the links on this page here and I'll add them to that list.  Please comment after you add your link so others will get notified that you've joined the fun.

Don't forget to enter the poetry giveaway -- it runs through April 7th 10th.  And please have a look at the official page for the Poetry Month Celebration.  I'll be updating it all month, so check back now and then for links to other people's poetry posts!


  1. I grew up reading Longfellow's Evangeline. Might be the only poem I really loved, but then it's a story, so no wonder. LOL!

    And I did used to memorize multiple little poems my dad quoted in planetarium shows. Like:

    Phoebe Phoebe whirling high
    in our neatly plotted sky
    Listen Phoebe to my lay
    won't you whirl the other way?
    All the other moons are good
    and behave the way they should
    Only you of that bright throng
    still persist in going wrong...

    It's been twenty+ years and I can still quote that one! LOL.

    1. I should read more Longfellow. I'll see if Dad has a collection of his down in the Classics section of the basement library.

      I memorized "Eletelephony" as a little kid, and still remember it. Now Sam has it memorized too :-)

  2. Okay, I'm really going to do this tag!! It looks like fun, and I have a bit of time. So here we go.

    Poems I like:
    "To Althea, From Prison," by Richard Lovelace
    "Hiawatha," by Longfellow
    "The Ballad of the White Horse," by Chesterton
    "Travel," by Edna St. Vincent Millay
    "Requiem," by Robert Louis Stevenson
    "Mending Wall," by Robert Frost

    Poems I don't like:
    "Rime of the Ancient Mariner," Coleridge
    "Courtship of Miles Standish," Longfellow
    (That's all I can think of at the moment.)

    Poets I enjoy: Robert Frost, R.L. Stevenson, Longfellow, Keats and Byron (sometimes)

    No, I don't write poetry . . . I mean, I did occasionally when I was a kid, but I don't anymore.

    I LOVE memorizing poems. I once memorized "Lepanto" by G.K. Chesterton, and I can still recite parts of it. (It's pretty long, btw.)

    Free verse or rhyme and meter? Depends. I used to be a "it HAS to rhyme" person, but since I've gotten older, I've found myself enjoying some free verse poetry too. But I do love me a good rhyming poem . . . makes it a lot more fun :-)

    I don't think so . . . The poems I like come from all different movements and different periods. There's not really a pattern.

    Thanks, Hamlette! That was a fun tag :-)

    1. Jessica, "Mending Wall" is one of my faves by Frost.

      Rhyming poetry is easier to memorize, isn't it?

      Glad you had fun with the tag!

  3. Replies
    1. Great, Carissa! I'll go read it soon :-) I'm semi on vacation right now, and am falling waaaaaaaay behind with my blog reading :-o

  4. I decided to do the tag—I've linked up!

    1. Elisabeth, yay! I look forward to reading your post soon :-)

  5. I adore poetry, so this is a real treat! :D

    1. Thanks for joining up, Suzannah! I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

  6. I've linked up! This was fun!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I'm hoping to have time this evening to catch up on reading everyone's posts.

  7. Everyone, just want to let you know that I've extended the giveaway through the end of Sunday, April 10th. So if you want a chance to win a free collection of classic poetry, you've got a few more days to enter!

  8. Ive just spotted this & if it's not too late to jump on board, I'll write up a post with the tag questions. A little excited now!

    1. Brona, it's not to late at all! This runs all month long, so you have weeks and weeks to join in :-) The tag is a good place to start!

  9. Just added a link to the tag questions. That was a fun exercise to do!

    1. Great, Carol! I'm really behind at reading these, but planning to catch up now that I'm home again.

  10. This looks extremely fun!! Love your blog!

  11. Late to the party but here are My Poetry Answers. Thanks for the link up

    1. Anne, you're not late at all :-) That's the joy of a month-long event! Thanks for joining in.

  12. Finally found the time to fill out the tag:)
    Looking forward to catching up on all the lovely poetry posts!


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