Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Sonnet 6"

I went through this phase toward the end of college, and continuing a bit afterward, where I wrote a lot of sonnets.  Because I liked the structure and the rules, and because... why not?  I've decided to share a few of my own poems here for the Poetry Month Celebration, and I'm starting with this one because... I can.

I wrote it during the mid-break in this 3-hour, one-night-a-week science class I took my senior year.  The professor told us something about a place called Puku-Puku, and one of the other students tried to find it on a globe, and this poem happened as a result.

"Sonnet 6"

But did you find Puku-Puku?
As you wandered o'er the planet,
Did it nearly make you cuckoo
Not to find your island? Man, it
Could drive a man to chocolate milk,
This unrequited longing for
The island where the finest silk
Feels rougher than its freckled shore,
Where kumquats fall from friendly trees --
The only true ambrosia grows
On your dream isle. The jolly breeze
Delightfully dispels "uh-ohs,"
So Puku-Puku-ites won't worry,
Won't argue, won't gripe -- they won't even hurry.

Copyright Rachel (Ohlendorf )Kovaciny, 2002


  1. What a fantastic poem and great fun! I'd really like to find Puku-Puku myself at this moment, especially for the kumquats and the ambrosia. Sigh!

    Since it seems to be the week of original poetry, I'll have to see if I can dig mine up.

    1. Thanks! This one always makes me grin :-D And I could use my own Puku-Puku right now too, as a matter of fact. Might have to settle for some chocolate milk...

      Looking forward to reading yours if you share some!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Joseph :-) I like to play with words, can you tell?

  3. I love it! It made me smile. :)


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