Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poetry Celebration Recap -- Week 2

Time to share links to all the posts people wrote for the Poetry Celebration this past week, April 10-16!  Here they are, in case you haven't had time to read them all and want to catch up, or if you're just joining us.  

Poetry and Baseball -- Joseph
"Narnian Suite" by C. S. Lewis -- Cleopatra
Galvanized by Leland Kinsey -- Lory
"The Boy in the Moon" (original poem) -- Joseph
"Sonnet 6" (original poem) -- Hamlette
"High Flight" by John Gillespie Magee, Jr. -- Joseph
"An Anglo-Saxon Riddle" (original poem) -- Cleopatra

And of course, links to all the posts for this month-long event can be found on this page, and people's links to their tag answers are over here.

I have been blown away by the participation in this event so far!  I'm so excited by this!  The posts are so diverse, we've got a great mix of original poetry, poetry analysis, and sharing of favorite poems... this is really cool, y'all.

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