Saturday, April 4, 2015

Little Women Read-Along: Little Faithful (Ch. 17)

I know everyone's busy getting ready for Easter (including me), but I didn't want to fall behind, so I'm posting a chapter today anyway.

Blech.  What a horrible chapter.  Let's get it over with.  Almost everyone gets complacent and lazy, and Beth pays for their behavior with her own time and kindness, and also with her health.

My kids and I battled strep throat over and over last year -- strep turns into scarlet fever if you don't have antibiotics.  My goodness, that bug is no picnic!  Worst sore throat you can imagine.  I couldn't sleep because it hurt so much until I got antibiotics in me.  I feel very, very sorry for Beth here.

The whole scene with Laurie and Amy at Aunt March's amused me, though.  Especially the parrot :-D

Favorite Lines:

For a week the amount of virtue in the old house would have supplied the neighborhood (p. 157).

Possible Discussion Questions:

I actually don't have any today.  Do you?


  1. I felt incredibly sorry for poor Bethy in this chapter. I'm glad that L.M Alcott included this chapter though, because it's a reminder to me that work pays off, and loafing around ends up horribly. I have to say, I've had things like this happen to me several times, just not so drastically, and I wish I'd learn from them better as I still procrastinate and avoid hard work. Oh well, something to work on.

    1. Elizabeth Anne -- yes! It's a very important chapter, bringing home the idea that inaction has consequences just like action. It's so sad, though, and that's why I say, "Blech!" about it.

  2. Yes! This is the "blech" chapter, indeed! I always feel so sad for Beth starting this point in the book. I've also had strep a couple of times and have always been thankful that I live in the age of antibiotics.

    1. CGrace -- amen to that! Antibiotics are such a blessing.

      And yes, poor Beth, things don't go well for her from here on out.

  3. Oh! I just love the cover of the book you used in this post!
    While this was a sad sort of chapter, like Elizabeth Anne, I am glad that Louisa May Alcott included it in the book...
    I feel dreadfully sorry for Beth - she was so gentle and kind and I think her sisters took advantage of her at times...
    And YES! I loved the scene at Aunt March! I had to giggle in spite of the rather sad circumstances the girls were facing at this time.

    1. Kelly-Anne, isn't it pretty? I'm really loving some of the covers I'm finding pictures of online. There are so so so so many!

      I think the biggest importance of this chapter is that it drove home to the other three girls how their taking advantage of Beth's goodness and willingness was truly cruel. The part of the chapter I find hardest to read is the beginning, when everyone is loafing around and just leave the hard or irksome things to Beth. Meanies.

    2. Quite a wake up call, but a very, very hard one!
      And yes...just the injustice of it makes me cross!

    3. "Cross" is the perfect word to describe how I feel about this chapter!


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