Saturday, April 25, 2015

Little Women Read-Along: Gossip (Ch. 24)

It's so nice to be back again, isn't it?  I've enjoyed the week off (I finished three books!), but I'm glad to be reading about the Marches once more.

This chapter feels like Alcott is easing herself and us back into this family, reminding us of personalities and how various characters get along or don't.  I'm particularly amused by Laurie's habit of bringing all kinds of not-useful inventions home for Meg and John's new home, earning himself a new nickname from Jo:  Mr. Toodles.

Speaking of Jo, she'd steadfastly ignoring all romantic hints from Laurie.  And Laurie's making plenty of hints, though he keeps them guarded.  We who know who he winds up marrying can see a little romantic foreshadowing in his teasing compliments to Amy.

Isn't it nice that Mr. March has found people who appreciate him?  He's back in his parish, but also attracting interesting people who find him inspirational or helpful.  I love the description of him as "the household conscience, anchor, and comforter (p. 214)

Favorite Lines:

...the homeliest tasks get beautified if loving hands do them... (p. 217).

Possible Discussion Questions:

Do you think Jo's annoyance over Laurie cutting his hair is at all related to her own hair-cutting adventure?


  1. I'm not sure that her clipped head was the cause of her annoyance, though hair may well have been a sore spot with her, and she may have resented anyone wasting theirs for no good reason. But it could just as easily have been that cringe of exasperation that most of us have when we see someone who has a nice feature ruining it for the sake of some silly- and unattractive- fad.

    1. You may be right -- sometimes it's harder to deal with someone else changing their appearance than with our own.

  2. And so we're back again!
    It is a nice chapter with a lot of catching up which made the pace a little slow. I love the scenes were Meg is walking about her new home and all the work the family puts into it.

    1. I agree, Rose, this chapter was kind of slow -- almost like Alcott was feeling her way back into this world and these characters.

  3. Oh, bliss! I have finally be able to read the first chapter of Good Wives! 'Gossip' is actually one of my favourite chapters in the book, as I love how Alcott fills her readers in on certain details and paints such a lovely picture of the Marches...

    My favourite quote is the same as yours! What true words... I had to laugh at this one though, ''You won't see me; you'll be crying so hard that the thick fog will obscure the prospect.''

    Intersesting remarks from Lauries, don't you think? And Meg! What excitement for her now that she is just about married!

    1. Hurrah! You've found a copy!

      Definitely a fun chapter, as it skips about getting us all caught up on how like has been going.


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