Monday, April 27, 2015

Little Women Read-Along: The First Wedding (Ch. 25)

(From the 1978 version)

Such a blissfully happy chapter!  I love Meg's simple wedding -- I tried to have as simple a wedding as possible, myself.  Why stress out over endless details and fluff that just take your attention off what's actually important that day?

And I also love that Meg doesn't hide away until she walks down the aisle.  No superstitious "groom can't see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony" nonsense for her!  None for me either.  I declare, this chapter is making me fonder and fonder of Meg!

Favorite Lines:

So she made her wedding gown herself, sewing into it the tender hopes and innocent romances of a girlish heart (p. 223).

...laughter is ready when hearts are light (p. 226).

Possible Discussion Questions:  

How long do you think Meg will keep returning to her family's home every single day, like she promises at the end of the chapter? 

What was your favorite thing about Meg's wedding?


  1. Such a lovely chapter!
    A favourite moment is hard to pick, but I just love the atmosphere of the scene where aunt March arrives and everybody are putting the last touches to everything. The describtion of Mr March performing the ceremony is also very touching!

    1. Aunt March is always good for a laugh, isn't she? And yes, Mr. March was so sweet, choking up several times. My own dad is a minister, but I didn't ask him to perform our wedding because I wanted him to be able to concentrate on being the father of the bride and not spend all his emotional energy trying to remain composed while officiating.

  2. Yes, I love the simplicity. I can feel the happiness everywhere, especially from the lovely bride.

    1. Bzee, that's a great way to put it! I can feel everyone's happiness too. Just what a wedding day should be!

  3. *sigh* This is such a happy, cheerful chapter:D

  4. Oh, what a 'blissfully happy' chapter indeed! And did I mention how much I am loving this read-along? You were a dear to host:)
    I love Meg's unfashionable wedding...I think she has changed a great deal since we last saw her in Little Women... She has learnt to be satisfied with the simple things in life...
    Perhaps she will continue to return to her old home each day until littlies of her own arrive!

    1. And you're a dear to catch up so quickly! You've been busy :-)

      Meg's definitely starting to learn to be content with her own blessings, I think.


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