Sunday, September 19, 2021

Giveaway for Tolkien Blog Party 2021

Since this is the ninth annual Tolkien Blog Party, I am giving away nine prizes!  Here are details:

Prize 1: A camp-style mug that says Gandalf's line "Go where you must go, and hope," which I purchased from Crab Apple Books and More

Prize 2: A "leaf of Lorien" pin/necklace -- the leaf has a pinback, but is also on a chain, so you can wear it either way

Prize 3: A pack of Lord of the Rings-themed playing cards

Prize 4: A "Bag End" bookmark I purchased from Austens and Alcotts

Prize 5: A sheet of Middle-earth-inspired stickers I bought from Alla Draws

Prize 6: A set of 3 black-and-white stickers inspired by Tolkien's own artwork featuring a) the tree of Gondor, b) Smaug and the Lonely Mountain, and c) his JRRT insignia

Prize 7: A set of 3 full-color stickers featuring a) "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future," b) a map of Middle-earth, and c) "The road goes ever on and on..." with a hobbit hole door

Prize 8: a used copy of The Hobbit Companion by David Day -- it is in very good used condition, but I did buy it used.

Prize 9: a used copy of The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien edited by Humphrey Carpenter, with the assistance of Christopher Tolkien -- it is in good used condition, with some slight wear to the corners and edges of the cover.  The spine is still nice, and the pages appear to be unmarked.

I purchased all of these prizes myself, for the purpose of this giveaway.  This is not affiliated with any person or business besides myself.  Must be 18 or older to enter, or have parent's permission to provide me with a mailing address to send the prize to.  No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited.

This giveaway is open worldwide.   

The main way to gain entries is to participate in the party by contributing a post, such as your answers to the official tag or another Tolkien-related post.  Once you've written your post, be sure to add its link to the Mister Linky widget at the bottom of my kick-off post (which is also where you'll find the tag questions).  

But that isn't required!  You can also earn entries by doing other things like commenting, playing party games, and telling me your prize choices.  And you can even get an entry just for being interested.

I do my best to match winners with their choice of prizes, but that doesn't always work out -- that's why I ask for your top three choices. However, I cannot guarantee that you will win something you want/request.

Also, please be aware that mail delivery is still slow. I will ship all prizes via the USPS, and they do not ship to every country these days, so if you are one of my international friends, please check this official list to make sure your country is still receiving mail sent via the USPS.

This giveaway runs through the end of Friday, September 24. I will draw the winners on Saturday, September 25 and post the names of the winners on this blog, as well a notify them by email no later than Sunday, September 26.

PLEASE make sure your information for the giveaway widget includes your current email address so that if you win a prize, you'll get the email informing you that you won! If you don't reply to my email by Saturday, October 2, I will choose another winner and award the prize to them instead.

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  1. All them are beautiful, but Prize 4 (of course the bookmark) and Prize 8 are definitely my favorites.

  2. The prize decision is hard but I'd say the bookmark (because there's no such thing as too many bookmarks), the Lorien leaf pin, and The Hobbit Companion.

  3. Ooh, three favorite prizes...
    I'd have to say the Leaf of Lorien pin is my favorite, and then the sheet of stickers, and then the colored stickers. :)
    (For simplicity's sake, I suppose that's prize 2, then 5, then 7. XD)

  4. Awesome giveaway, as usual!!

    My picks:

    1. Gandalf quote mug
    2. Leaf necklace
    3. Tolkien illustration stickers

    I do already have a copy of the Letters of Tolkien, just so you're aware. ;)

    1. If 'Tolkien illustration stickers' is confusing, I meant prize #6. :D

    2. Thanks for the clarification, Eva!

      Maybe we should send each other lists of what Tolkien books we own so we don't give each other duplicates as gifts?

    3. Good idea! I will actually send you an email right now, since I'm up early and have the time...

  5. ALL of these prizes look amazing! It's rare that I want every item in a giveaway. What a great selection!

    My top choices would be:
    1. The Letters of Tolkien
    2. Bag End bookmark
    3.) Black and white Tolkien stickers

  6. This is my third year joining, and it's always so much fun!

    My favorites are numbers 8, 2, and 7:).

  7. Such lovely prizes!

    My top choices:

    1. Prize 7 (3 full-color stickers)
    2. Prize 5 (sheet of Middle-earth stickers)
    3. Prize 2 (Leaf of Lorien pin/necklace)

  8. #9 The Letters of JRR Tolkien, #6 Black and White Stickers

  9. These look beautiful, Rachel!! <3 I shall see if I can post up a response to your tag this week!

    I'd love any of these actually xD but to pick in order to answer your question properly ;)
    - Prize 1
    - Prize 6
    - Prize 9

  10. Wow! This year's prizes are absolutely fabulous. ♥ I want every single one of them too. 😄 Here are my top three picks:

    1. Prize 2: Leaf of Lórien pin/necklace.
    2. Prize 3: Pack of "Lord of the Rings"-themed playing cards.
    3. Prize 4: Bag End bookmark.

    Out of the stickers, my favorites are prize 7 but I like all of them.

    Thank you so much for hosting this party and giveaway every year, Rachel! It's the highlight of my year, I appreciate it very much. ♥

  11. All these look wonderful!!

    1. Prize 3
    2. Prize 4
    3. Prize 5


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