Friday, December 16, 2016

Women's Classic Literature Event: Final Group Check-In

Here's the question for the last group check-in for this event:

If you could meet any of the authors you read for this event, which one would you meet, and why? What would you ask her?

I would love to meet Elinore Pruitt Stewart -- she's so intrepid and good-humored, and I think she would be such fun to hang out with.  I would ask her to tell me anything at all she felt like sharing, as I'm sure it would be wonderfully interesting.  And then I'd ask her if we could correspond, because I love her letters so much, I want to read more of them!

(Elinore Pruitt Stewart)

I enjoyed this article from about Stewart, which filled in a few details about her life I didn't learn from her books.

This is my last post for this event, though I'll leave my page for it up for a bit yet.  I read twenty books for it!  Pretty pleased about that.  It's been interesting to make reading choices based on the author's gender, which is not something I tend to do ordinarily.  

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