Monday, November 7, 2016

Jane Eyre Read-Along: Chapter 36

I was about three pages into the next chapter when I realized I was supposed to stop and write about this one.

What I'm saying is, this may not be a long and thorough post.  I WANT TO READ THE REST OF THE BOOK RIGHT NOW.

St. John can't stand not having the last word, can he?  Creeping around the house with his little notes.

Wow, it's been a whole year since Jane left Rochester.  That went fast.

I love how "grass and weed grew here and there between the stones and fallen rafters" (p. 492) of Thornfield's ruins.  Life and hope returning amid the wreckage of the house, a picture of what's about to happen to the wreckage of its master.  Getting chills here!

We talked long ago about Bertha setting fire to Rochester's bed because it was a symbol of marriage.  I think the same might have been going through her head here when it says she lit Jane's old bed on fire too, don't you?  Bertha saw Jane in her wedding dress with Rochester when everyone visited her.  Being mad, she may not have realized the wedding was off -- I think she lit Jane's empty bed out of vengeance because Jane was no longer in it, which, to Bertha, meant Jane was now in Rochester's bed.  What do you think?

And Bertha finally found a permanent way out of her confinement.  And Rochester nearly lost his life trying to save hers.  Oh, Rochester, how that makes me love you!

Favorite Lines:

"My spirit," I answered mentally, "is willing to do what is right; and my flesh, I hope, is strong enough to accomplish the will of Heaven, when once that will is distinctly known to me" (p. 487).

To prolong doubt was to prolong hope (p. 490).

Possible Discussion Questions:

Do you think we can just finish this book off this week, once and for all?


  1. You are right! It is hard to put it down! I think you are right! I think we can do it!

    1. Crossing my fingers that I have time tomorrow to write up the next post.


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