Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"Lady Cop Makes Trouble" by Amy Stewart

You might remember how much I ooohed and ahhhed over Girl Waits With Gun this summer.  I snatched up a copy of the sequel while I was on vacation, but didn't have time to read it until we got home.  However, once I was in it, I was really in it, and I think I liked it even better than the first book!  Girl dragged a little in places, as the Kopps waited and waited to catch Henry Kauffman.  But Lady never felt draggy at all.  Yay!

Once again, what I liked best was Constance Kopp herself, the lady cop -- or at least, she wants to be a lady cop, but there's some confusion as to whether ladies are allowed to be cops yet, this being the early 20th century.  But she's still the sort of resourceful, level-headed, determined woman I have always striven to be, and I quite admire her.  The fictional her, I mean -- I have no idea how close the personality of the character is to the real Constance Kopp, but whatever.

In this book, Constance kinda sorta accidentally lets a prisoner escape, gets removed from her tentative post as deputy, and sets out unofficially tracking the prisoner down.  Because she's awesome.  Norma and Fleurette are back again as well, and of course, Sheriff Heath.  Poor Sheriff Heath, he's beset from all sides in this, and I felt quite sorry for him at times.

Particularly Good Bits:

I carried a gun and handcuffs.  I could make an arrest, just like any deputy.  I earned a man's salary.  People did find it shocking and I didn't mind that one bit (p. 13).

It occurred to me that there was something admirable about a man in his late thirties.  He was old enough to know his own mind and still young enough to do something about it (p. 46).

"Yes, well, he's a man of limited intellect, and if he had more than one idea at a time they'd die from overcrowding" (p. 71).

How often would I have to run to get away from my own mistakes? (p. 174)

If This was a Movie, I Would Rate It:  PG-13 again, for some hints and allusions to unsavory behavior, violence, and suspense.  Little or no bad language, and astonishingly clean overall.


  1. Replies
    1. They're very fun, very different books. I'm hoping this becomes a big, long series :-D

  2. These books just sound awesome. :)

    1. Kara, they are! And they have such a unique flavor. Not books you can be like, "Oh, this is a lot like such-and-such." Very much their own thing. I'm going to have to read other things by Stewart.


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