Friday, October 7, 2016

Jane Eyre Read-Along: Chapter 29

We now enter the section where my chapter posts become radically shorter because I have much less to say about the book, and you all breathe great, gasping sighs of relief.

So, Jane is recovering.  She's finding new friends.  She's going by an assumed name.  Things are looking up after the last, horrible chapter.  Whew.

Aren't the Rivers siblings an interesting contrast to Jane's Reed cousins that she grew up with?  Again, there are two girls and a boy.  But while the Reeds were spoiled and idle as children, and grew either dissipated or austere as the case maybe, the Riverses grew up in a family where intelligence and learning were valued, and are hard-working, sensible people.  Hannah "did not know where there was such a family for being united" (p. 398), while the Reeds couldn't stand each other.

And I like Diana Rivers very much indeed, especially when she tweaks St. John about being crusty.  He is!  So gruff and grim and crusty.  Nope, still not a fan.

Favorite Lines:

"She looks sensible, but not at all handsome" (p. 394).  (This reminds me of myself.)

It is my way -- it always was my way by instinct -- ever to meet the brief with brevity, the direct with plainness (p. 400).

Possible Discussion Questions:

Which of the Rivers siblings do you like best?


  1. I'm not relieved! I like when you do long ones!! You know my favorite. St. John.

    1. Movie Critic, I will try not to be too hard on St. John, then ;-)

  2. Haha, I never noticed the similarity in family structure between the Reids and the Rivers! Interesting.

    Whoops, looks like I need to pick up reading Jane Eyre again. I got about this far ahead and then took a break till we caught up. ;)

    1. Natalie, yeah, I never noticed it until this read-through either. One of the things I like best about hosting read-alongs is how it forces me to read more carefully and thoughtfully than I usually do -- I notice so many cool things as a result!


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