Saturday, October 8, 2016

Anne of Green Gables Week Tag

How perfect is this for my Year With Anne?  I just discovered, via Naomi Sarah, that a blogger named Miss Evie is hosting an Anne of Green Gables blog week!  Looks like I finished reading the original series just in time, eh?

To kick things off, she's provided a nice tag for anyone to fill out if they're so inclined.  I'm so inclined!  Here we go.

1. How did you get introduced to Anne of Green Gables?

When I was around 7 years old, a friend of my parents happened to have a copy of one of the books tucked in her diaper bag or purse when she came visiting one day.  My mom had never read the books, and her friend gushed over them to the point that my mom promised to get them from the library.  She did.  She read the first one aloud to us as a family, probably in the car on random jaunts while my dad drove.  We loved it, and so she read us the next, and the next...

2. Are you more like Anne or Diana? Why?

I'm not sure.  I'm highly imaginative like Anne, and I'm also a writer, like her.  But I'm more sensible, like Diana, and also not so likely to get carried away with my emotions.  And I've got dimpled elbows, hee.  So I guess I'm a mix.

3. If Rachel Lynde called your hair as red as carrots how would you react?

Laugh.  My hair actually IS red at the moment -- I dyed it back in late July.  It's not really a carrot color (and yes, people, red carrots do exist), but anyway, I've never been especially sensitive about my appearance, so even if she called my (natural color) hair "as brown as sticks" or "mousy brown," I probably would be like, "Yeah, it kinda is."

Not carrot-like at all.  Really more cherry-like, when I first dyed it...

4. Gilbert or Morgan Harris?

Gilbert, all the way.  Morgan Harris isn't even in the books.  But even if he was, I would still choose Gilbert over him because Gilbert is a brick, and Morgan Harris is a dictatorial grump.  I also choose Gilbert over that Royal Gardner dude from the books, though he was much nicer than Morgan Harris. 

I could easily spend the rest of my life married to Gilbert Blythe.  (Plus, Gilbert is an ISFJ like me, so of course he's my second-favorite character in the series!  ISFJs pretty much always are.)

5. Honest opinion on the third Anne film.

I actually haven't watched it yet.  It came out when I was in college, and I got kind of snotty about how it wasn't based on the books at all, so why would I watch it?  But, having just finished rereading the books, I'm kind of interested to see it now, which surprises me.

6. Have you seen the New Anne film?

Um... I... wait, what?  New Anne film?  ::Scoots over to  Oh my!  Martin Sheen, huh?  Well, obviously, no, I have not seen it.  But I might like to.  As my sidebar says:

7. What in your own words is a Kindred Spirit?

Someone who intuitively sympathizes with another person even if they don't know them very well.

8. Movie Gilbert or Green Gables Fables Gilbert?

I haven't watched "Green Gables Fables" at all yet, but I do want to try it out.  I'm going to sound old and crotchety, but I must admit I have not really gotten into the whole web series retelling thing.  I keep trying different ones, but none of them have interested me enough to get me to watch more than 2 or 3 eps.  

So, obviously, Movie Gilbert!  I was so sad to hear of Jonathon Crombie's passing last year.

Jonathon Crombie, not as Gilbert, but honestly, it could be Gilbert.

9. Does anyone know where we can watch Road to Avonlea online?

Not at the moment, but the website says it will have full episodes available on a new streaming site starting in November.

10. Favourite book cover?

There are so many gorgeous ones!  I think I like this one best, though:

11. The Films or The Books?

Both!  I love the first five books, but the last three kind of dwindle down into me being disappointed and a bit grumpy.  But the first two films from the '80s don't do that to me at all.  However, they're far too short, so... I love both.


  1. Red carrots?!! Huh! :-) Okay! :-)


    1. Naomi, I know, I had to see if they existed.


  2. Oh I love Anne of Green Gables! Favourite, favourite and ah... The TV series is much loved around here! I agree... Jonathan Crombie is just Gilbert...whenever I imagine Gilbert Blythe, his picture pops into my mind! I must stop by and participate too... Loved reading your answers, Hamlette!

    1. Kelly-Anne, I agree. Jonathan Crombie is Gilbert in my head as well :-) Thanks for the hug!

  3. "I enjoy multiple adaptations of the same story." Well said, mate, well said. So do I :-)

    1. Jessica, thanks! I made that a couple years ago when I got annoyed at people being snotty on the whole P&P subject, lol.

  4. Oh now I know why I like Gilbert! He's an ISFJ! As an ESFJ, I've found I get along very well with ISFJs and in fact when some of my closest friends took the Myers-Brigg test, they were all ISFJs! I seem to collect them, so I think Gilbert and I would get along very well indeed. Move over Anne...
    I like the first movie well enough and parts of the second one but I seem to be the only person who wasn't terribly impressed by the 80s Anne movies and would LOVE to see a really good (in my opinion) adaption. Perhaps they were talked up to be SO good before I saw them that I felt a bit let down?

    1. Elf, yup! Matthew Cuthbert is an ISFJ too.

    2. Oh, and I've had that happen too -- people praise a book or movie to the skies, and then when I read or watch it and don't love it as much as I'd expected, it can sour me. Annoying, but true.

  5. There ARE red carrots? Wow. Thank you for enlightening me. I feel like my life has changed somehow. :P

    GILBERT. <3 That's all I can say. ;)

    I haven't watched all of the GGF either. I keep starting it, but then I lose interest. I really want to watch it all some day, because it DOES look adorable. :)

    1. Natalie, I know, right? There, you've learned your something new for the day.

      I did watch the first ep of GGF on Miss Evi's blog, and it was quite cute, so I'm hoping to make time to watch more.

  6. GILBERT IS AMAZING. The End. :)

    I think if you really want to watch the third Anne film, I'd recommend you go into it with absolutely no expectations at all. (If that's possible.) Just as a movie by itself, I enjoy it. So long as I turn my brain off. I do enjoy all the Anne and Gil grown up and in love parts, but you know I'm a romantic, so... I'll be anxious to hear what you think of it if you ever do see it!

    Also Green Gables Fables is cute fun. But I understand your reluctance. So just stick with the books! We know Anne and Gil are awesome there. :)

    1. Kara, I think I've reached a point in my life where I could do just that -- watch the movie for itself and not freak out over whether it's like the books or not. My library has it, so now I just have to find time to watch it!


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