Monday, July 25, 2016

Women's Classic Literature Event: Group Check-In 3

The question for the third group check-in is:

Describe the writing style of your favorite author for the event so far. 

My favorite author for the event thus far has been Eleanor Pruitt Stewart, whose Letters of a Woman Homesteader was the very first book I read for it.  I hope to read her second volume, Letters on an Elk Hunt, before the event ends.  Her books are nonfiction collections of letters she wrote while homesteading in Wyoming in the early 1900s.  What particularly entranced me about her writing was how much humor she could find in a life that most of us today would consider harsh and unpleasant.  At one point she says, "I am a firm believer in laughter" (p. 61), and her letters bear that out.  She is always finding ways to show the absurdity of a situation, or look on the bright side of it at the very least.  Even when she's writing about something very dangerous, or describing something mundane. 


  1. This one is on my list. I've never heard of the follow-up book! I thought she just wrote the one! :-D

    1. Yeah, the second one doesn't get mentioned as often. I'm hoping to read it this week, actually! Tossing it in my carry-on for a long flight coming up soon.


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