Monday, March 31, 2014

LOTR Read-Along: Journey to the Cross-roads (TTT Ch. 18)

Sorry it's been a while between posts.  My kids are sick.

Turns out I don't have a lot to say about this chapter.  I did like how Faramir's farewell to Frodo and Sam includes "the manner of his people, stooping and placing his hands upon their shoulders, and kissing their foreheads" (p. 680).  That is exactly how Aragorn said farewell to Boromir when he died, and I love that detail, that Aragorn knew enough of Gondorian ways that he knew how to properly say farewell to a Captain of Gondor.

Favorite Lines:

"Maybe," said Sam; "but where there's life there's hope, as my Gaffer used to say; and need of vittles, as he mostways used to add" (p. 685).

Possible Discussion Questions:

Sam dreams he's back at Bag End, heavily burdened and tired.  Frodo sleeps "unquietly" and mutters Gandalf's name.  What do you think their contrasting dreams say about their own mindsets at this point?


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