Thursday, March 6, 2014

Classics Club Monthly Meme: March 2014

This month's question is:  "What is your favorite 'classic' literary period, and why?"

I thought I would beg off this month because I didn't really know enough about what books and authors belong to what period.  And yes, that's a terrible thing for a person who took enough lit and history classes in college to get concentrations in English and History -- you'd think between the two of those, I'd know what books and authors belong where!  Silly me.  But then Ruth at "A Great Book Study" posted this awesome chart, and now I have no excuse.  Ain't that always the way!


So.  Going by the list of my favorite authors, I guess... I don't have a favorite.  I mean, I love Realists like Rudyard Kipling and Robert Louis Stevenson and A. Conan Doyle (or is he a Victorian?), Victorians like Charlotte Bronte and Robert Browning, Modernists like Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and what exactly would you call Raymond Chandler, anyway?

So, yeah, I have no favorite literary time period.  Now, if we were to discuss genres...


  1. That's what I did: looked at my favorite books and authors, found where they came in on the timeline, and figured, that is about where my interest lies. But someday I hope I can revisit this question by understanding better what each literary period or movement really involves because it is just like art, with its influences and techniques and styles. It is really interesting.

    1. Yeah, a nice textbook on the history of literature would come in handy here, huh?

      At least now I know why I didn't know what my favorite literary period is!

  2. That graph is fantastic! It summarises everything so well. I'm the same, I've got favourite authors scattered all over that chart. :)

    1. Ain't it cool? I was so glad when I saw it on A Great Book Study. Such a useful tool!


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