Tuesday, January 7, 2014

LOTR Read-Along Giveaway #1

We did it!  We finished reading The Fellowship of the Ring together!  To celebrate, I'm hosting a small giveaway.  You don't have to have participated in the read-along thus far to enter, but if you have participated, you can get bonus slips of paper added to the virtual hat, as you'll learn below.

What am I giving away?  Two little Tolkien-related goodies:

(I apologize for the crummy lighting.  I didn't want to wait for a nice day to take the photo and thus delay the giveaway.)

One is a little Lego keychain with Frodo Baggins on it.  This is a bit of official LOTR merchandise that I bought at the Lego store -- you can see that the tag is still attached.

The other is a tiny book I bought from the bookstore a while back.  It's called "A Tolkien Treasury" and is edited by Alida Becker, with illustrations by Michael Green and Tim Kirk.  It's actually a collection of little quotes, poems, and songs about Tolkien or Middle Earth by lots of different people.  My favorite bit is a haiku about the Nazgul, but there's all kinds of fun stuff here.  Just an amusing little trifle of a book, really.  Would be a perfect addition to a doll's shelf too!

I'm giving both away to one lucky winner -- you can use the widget below to enter.  But first I'm going to explain the ways you can earn entries a little bit, so they're clear.

First, you can add one of these buttons to your blog's sidebar and link it to this blog (http://theedgeoftheprecipice.blogspot.com).  You automatically get 3 entries that way.  You need to provide a link to your blog so I can see you've added it (or already had it displayed).

Second, follow this blog via Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'.  Or be following it already!  You need to provide me with the nickname you used when you followed the blog.

Third, post a little something about this giveaway on your own blog.  You need to post it before submitting that entry so you can provide a link to your blogpost to earn that entry.

Fourth, if you've participated in this read-along at all BEFORE NOW, you can get 5 entries with one fell swoop.  You merely need to provide a link to a post that you commented on (or wrote).

Giveaway runs from today through the end of Tuesday, January 14, 2014.  I'll draw a winner on Wednesday.  PLEASE be sure you've provided a CURRENT email address to this Rafflecopter widget so that, when I email the winner, they actually get the notification that they've won!  This is open world-wide, but if the winner doesn't respond to my notification within one week (by Wednesday, January 22, 2014, in other words), I will draw a different winner and they will be out of luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(You may have noticed that this says "LOTR Read-Along Giveaway #1."  I'll host another small giveaway when we finish The Two Towers, and another when we finish The Return of the King.)


  1. What a fun idea! :)

    Man, I'm so far behind! I'd wanted to participate in this. I guess I could read them out of order, although that would be weird. Hmm, I'll give this dilemma a good think.

    1. No, no! It's totally fine! I set this up so that people can join in at any time, even years from now. Begin at the beginning, and just respond to chapter posts as you go -- that's why I have that Chapter Posts Index page, so you can find them easily without scrolling back through the blog.

  2. Cool new stuff for the giveaway! I will be posting about it tomorrow on my blog. I look forward to the continuation of the Read-Along. :)


  3. Yikes! Already finished with The Fellowship? Sounds like it's time for me to kick back into reading-gear. Fell off the horse just a wee (okay, a big) bit.

    Looking forward to more Tolkien! =D

    1. Well, the holidays can make reading hard. Don't worry, I'm sure you can catch up quickly! Someone actually just started the book and read-along this week, so you have company :-) And I designed it so people can join at any time, or fall a little behind and then catch up -- the posts aren't going anywhere!


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