Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Seven Question Book Tag

I'm in the mood to fill out blog tags.  And Eva tagged me with this a while back, so I'm going to seize this mood and fill this out!


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(All pics are mine from my Bookstagramming adventures.)


What’s the first book you can remember reading?

By myself?  Um.  I have memories of reading this little paperback version of "The Little Red Hen" when I was very small.  Probably some sort of early-reader book, and I was about five.  I also have memories of a comic book someone gave me before I could actually read -- I remember lying in my bed counting squiggles of particular shapes in the speech bubbles, which I didn't recognize as letters yet.  I would've been like three then.

First person or third person POV?

I like both :-)  For years, I only wrote in third person, and some books just require that distance, but I've become better at writing first person with practice.  For reading, though, I like both.

What’s the longest series you’ve ever read? (It can be in terms of page numbers, amount of books in the series, or any other method of calculating.)

For adult novels, the Aubrey-Maturin books by Patrick O'Brian.  There are twenty of those.  (I mean, I've read way more Hardy Boys and Trixie Beldens and Mandie books, but those are not adult books.)

What book world would you least like to enter?

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens depressed me a lot.  Nobody there I want to hang out with.  No desire to travel there.

Do you own any autographed-by-the-author books?

I do!  Several, in fact.  I got my copy of Fahrenheit 451 autographed by Ray Bradbury when I was in college, and I got my copy of The Beekeeper's Apprentice autographed by Laurie R. King about ten years ago.  I also have a couple others that I bought that were signed, and some written by friends who signed them for me.

What is your favorite place at which to buy books?

The 2nd and Charles here in our city is really fun because I can often sell back a bunch of books and movies there in exchange for store credit, and then the new ones I buy don't cost very much.  And I love Mermaid Books down in Williamsburg, VA, and Royal Oak Books up in Front Royal, VA.  So, yeah, used book stores are my jam, but I like new books too.  I love Barnes & Noble -- we have two that are less than an hour away, so I get to them three or four times a year.  If we had a Barnes & Noble here in our city, it would be my favorite, but since they're farther away, they're a special treat instead of a regular place to visit.

Who is your favorite sibling duo/trio/etc in literature?

Boromir and Faramir from The Lord of the Rings.  We never get to see them on page together, but their brotherly bond shines clear even so.


1.  Villain you wish would turn good so you could like him in good conscience.
2.  Hero you don't think is worthy of the title hero.
3.  Heroine who deserved a better ending.
4.  Sidekick who ought to get a spin-off.
5.  Series that you wish could have gone on for just one more book.
6.  Author you'd like to thank for a book that is meaningful to you.
7.  Dream cast for your favorite book.

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  1. Yeah, Great Expectations has a creepy feeling and as much as I liked it I wouldn't want to be there. That is super neat that you have a signed copy of Fahrenheit 451! His signature looks like "The Bradbury" which is so cool.

    Thank you so much for tagging me! Your questions are so awesome, I can't wait to fill them out! It will take me awhile to think of answers though. :-)

    1. MC, yes, it does look like The Bradbury, kinda!

      Enjoy the tag :-)

  2. Hahahah! Your first question is such a you question. :-D

  3. Ah, your questions are so great I may have to do this tag again. =)

    1. Eva, awww, thanks! You could fill it out here, if nothing else ;-)

  4. I can't believe Bradbury signed your book, that's so cool, ahh! I also remember reading 'The Little Red Hen' as a child. Memories! :D Super fun answers!

    1. Melissa, yes, it is. I got to hear him speak when I was in college, and got my book signed, and it was amazing :-)


  5. I'm a new Ray Bradbury fan, and I'm so jealous that you got a book signed by him.

    1. Skye, how cool you're getting into Bradbury's writing!

      I went with my college lit prof (who was also my advisor) and a few others to hear Bradbury speak way back around the year 2000. He did a reading, reminisced about his career a little, and then signed books. It's definitely a memory I cherish. If you ever get a chance to hear an author you admire, definitely grab that chance!


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