Friday, October 25, 2019

My New FREE Short Story: "Gruff"

Here it is!  My latest short story!  

Like the stories I released the past two years, "Gruff" continues the adventures of some of my Once Upon a Western characters.  

Three Billy Goats Gruff... reimagined. 

Deputy Christopher Small is running out of time. He doesn't want to disappoint his little brothers by neglecting to play the annual autumn prank they're anticipating, but he needs to get himself all slicked up for dinner. Why? His parents have invited Miss Mary Rose O'Brien, the girl he's sweet on. Will he have time to do both? 

Find out in this new short story that follows both my book Cloaked and last year's short story "Blizzard at Three Bears Lake," all part of my Once Upon a Western series of fairy tale retellings.

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I hope you enjoy it!


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