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My Once Upon a Western collection features retellings of favorite fairy tales transported to Wild West settings.  Adults and teens will enjoy seeing the characters, plots, and other familiar elements of well-known fairy tales transported into the non-magical world of America's Old West.

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Once Upon a Western
Story Two:
Dancing and Doughnuts

Twelve Dancing Princesses... re-imagined. 

Fifty dollars just for asking a few questions? Jedediah Jones figures it must be his lucky day. What dancing and doughnuts have to do with anything, he neither knows nor cares. He's only interested in earning that money so he can finally eat something other than the apples he's been living off for days. Once his stomach and his pockets are filled again, he plans to move on. 

But answering the advertisement plunges him into a forest of painted trees, twelve pretty sisters, trouble, and more trouble. And, yes, doughnuts. 

So many doughnuts. 

Can Jedediah Jones solve the mystery and earn that fifty dollars when the whole town has failed? Or will the twelve sisters lose their family's business no matter what he does?

Flash Fiction Short Story
part of the anthology
It Happened in a Flash
presented by Holly Lisle

Once Upon a Western
Story One:

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Peacemaker Award Finalist for Best Young Adult/Children's Western Fiction of 2017

Little Red Riding Hood... re-imagined. 

Mary Rose feels uneasy around Mr. Linden from the moment she meets him on the stagecoach ride to her grandmother's ranch in Wyoming Territory. But he works for her grandmother, so that means he's trustworthy, doesn't it? Everyone else seems to view him as honest and respectable, and Mary Rose wonders if she's overreacting.

She tries to ignore her suspicions until one night, she discovers his real reason for being at the ranch. Now, if she's going to save her grandmother -- and herself -- she's going to need to run faster than she's ever run before.

Once Upon a Western
Story 1.5:
"No Match for a Good Story"

Can storytelling save lives? 

Emma the warm-hearted midwife transforms into a prairie Scheherazade, using storytelling to fight death while delivering her step-daughter's baby. 

Whether you're rejoining your favorite characters from "The Man on the Buckskin Horse" or meeting them for the first time, this story of a blizzard birth on the Nebraska frontier will warm your heart any time of year.

The story that started it all:

"The Man on the Buckskin Horse"
part of the anthology
Five Magic Spindles
from Rooglewood Press

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