Sunday, July 28, 2019

"Curse and Consequence" by Savannah Jezowski

As you may have noticed, I am an Austenite.  I've got a shelf overflowing with books by and about Jane Austen, and that has led me to enjoy other books set in the Regency era as well.  Books like this!  I guess you could call this magical historical realism fiction?  

Curse and Consequence is set in the Regency era, but it's filled with magic.  Two brothers, Hugh and Sedgwick Whitby, both fancy the same girl, Rea Abernathy.  Rea is their mother's ward, and she spends most of her time tending the animals on their family's estate.  Because she loves them, not because she needs to, you understand.  Well, one brother decides he just has to have her for himself, so he pays a faery to put some kind of mild blight on his brother... or so he thought.  The curse ends up hitting more than one person, and then the curse gets changed, and everyone ends up having to be honest about their thoughts and feelings and who they are inside before it all gets sorted out.  

This was a fun, quick read, and I think my daughters will be charmed by it when they're old enough to be interested in boy+girl stories.

Particularly Good Bits:

She let the thought sink into emptiness, into that aching hollow where she kept all her secrets, where she kept her true self, the self she never let anyone see (p. 21).

If This was a Movie, I Would Rate It: PG for some mild, magical danger to the characters.  The romance is very mild and clean, just a kiss or two exchanged toward the end.


  1. Hm, now I'm a little interested! I've seen this floating around Goodreads, but since anything with a word like 'curse' in the title typically results in an automatic, "Eeesh, supernatural sterf, not my aesthetic" from me, I'd kind of dismissed it. Now I may have to reconsider that. :-P

    Nice review!

    1. Olivia, it does have a goodly bit of magic in it, but only done by magical folk like faeries, not witches and wizards and ordinary people. It's quite cute.


  2. With your movie blog, after I learned of my stickers win, I tried emailing what I guess is your old gmail email address on Saturday. And then when I received your email to me as a winner, I replied on Sunday. But since gmail accounts are so problematic when it comes to getting yahoo emails, I then went to my gmail account and sent a further reply since I hadn't had a confirmation that you received my reply.

    Did you get my initial yahoo reply?

    1. John Smith, I've never really noticed a problem with getting yahoo email at my gmail, but anyway, I totally got your messages -- you're all good :-) You should get your stickers soon!

  3. I like it when authors combine the historical with the magical. This book sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. Lark, it can be a nifty combo! This was definitely a fun one.


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