Saturday, September 29, 2018

Answers to Middle-earth Weaponry Quiz

Here are the answers to the weaponry quiz!  Everyone's scores are below as well.

1. f (Aeglos belongs to Gil-galad)
2. a (Anduril belongs to Aragorn)
3. h (Aranruth belongs to Thingol)
4. j (Dramborleg belongs to Tuor)
5. e (Glamdring belongs to Gandalf)
6. c (Guthwine belongs to Eomer)
7. g (Herugrum belongs to Theoden)
8. i  (Orcrist belongs to Thorin Oakenshield)
9. d (Ringil belongs to Fingolfin)
10. b (Sting belongs to Bilbo Baggins)


Beth -- 10
MiddleEarthMusician -- 10
Jenelle Leanne -- 7
Fawnabelle Baggins -- 6
Olivia -- 6
Victoria S. -- 6
Lydia Borden -- 5
RM Lutz -- 5
Gabby A. -- 4
Kendra Lynne -- 4
Ruth -- 3


  1. Oh, man. I just went back and looked at my answers. I didn't know Fingolfin's but I definitely knew Thorin's (who doesn't?) But I wrote down all the ones I knew I knew first and then filled in the others and I put Fingolfin's in the wrong spot 😭. It's all good, though😂

  2. Haha I have some studying to do... This was really fun :)

  3. Ah well, I tried. XD Well done to everyone else!

  4. This game was AWESOME. I loved it. :-D Congrats to everyone else!!!


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