Monday, July 30, 2018

"A Gathering of Days" by Joan W. Blos

I really feel like I've read this book before, years ago.  The title is just extremely familiar.  But I couldn't remember what it was about, so I went ahead and read it again.

I liked it okay, to be honest.  I didn't love it.  It's the fictional journal of a girl growing up in the 1830s in New England.  A lot of stuff happens, like her widowed dad gets remarried, a close friend gets sick and dies, and she helps a mysterious stranger who begs her for assistance.  There wasn't really a strong plot to the book, which is probably why it took me like two months to finish.  I did appreciate all the historical details about daily life, people's attitudes toward issues like slavery, and so on.

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If This was a Movie, I Would Rate It:  G.  Completely clean.

This is my 4th book read and reviewed for the OldSchool KidLit Reading Challenge 2018 and my 11th for the Mount TBR Challenge 2018.


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    1. Yeah, me too. I mean, I don't need a LOT of plot in my stories, but I need some kind of theme or character progression thing tying it all together. Like Anne of Green Gables.


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