Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Poetic Justice

This week is a freebie from That Artsy Reader Girl for Top Ten Tuesday, so I decided to celebrate National Poetry Month with my list!  I hereby present to you my ten favorite poets:

1.  Robert Frost

2.  Kenneth Koch

3.  Langston Hughes

4.  Carl Sandburg

5.  Robert Browning

6.  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

7.  William Shakespeare

8.  Billy Collins

9.  T. S. Eliot

10.  Shel Silverstein

(From my Instagram)

What did you do for TTT this week?  Are you celebrating Poetry Month in any way?  Do you like any of these poets?


  1. Oh, I do love Shel Silverstein. I also really love Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson.


    1. Shooting Stars, the first poem I remember memorizing as a teen was "Eldorado" by Poe!

  2. Shakespeare and T.S. Eliot are some of my favorite poets too! Also, I love Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman's work as well. Happy National Poetry Month!

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. Jeanna, I almost put Whitman on this list, but ended up with Shakespeare instead. I love Shakespeare's storytelling more than his poetry, but I do love his wordcraft, so I decided he should be here.

      Thanks for the link! I'll stop by.

  3. I tend to like individual poems rather than poets per se. But I do like most everything by Tolkien & most of Poe's poetry. Basho the master haiku poet is also a favorite. Wilfrid Owen is also one of my favorites.

    1. Basho is fascinating, and I do like a lot by Poe and Tolkien. I'll have to look up Wilfrid Owen, as I'm not familiar with his name.


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