Monday, April 23, 2018

Judging the INSPYs Again

Yup, I've been selected to judge the INSPY book awards again this year.  Like last year, I'll be judging the Mystery/Thriller category, which you know I'll dig.  The finalists won't be announced until next week, but they've got a nice page full of bios for all the judges up right here now, so you can go see who's judging what category.  

I really enjoyed this process last year, especially because it introduced me to some authors I hadn't read before.  I became such a fan of some of them!  So I'm eager to find out what the finalists are so I can dig into some more awesome Christian mysteries and thrillers.  If you want to see the longlists, they're here.


  1. That's awesome, I always thought judging people's work must be difficult. They're lucky to have you.

    1. Thanks, Skye! Yeah, it's not exactly easy. Especially since, for the INSPYs, there's a panel of 3 judges for each category, so we have to agree on what the winner will be. Last year it was easy to choose, but this year, who knows?

      I edited the literary magazine at my college for two years, way back when, which also involved judging and choosing which pieces to include. That was a little harder in many ways, cuz I knew most of the people submitting poems and stories! So I had to try not to let personal feelings about people influence whether or not they got included.


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