Wednesday, December 6, 2017

"Christmas: The Coloring Book of Cards and Envelopes" by Rebecca Jones

This is one of the coolest coloring-book concepts ever!  I have been having so much fun with this book!  It's exactly what it says:  a collection of Christmas cards with matching envelopes that you can color yourself to send to others.

I broke down and bought a pack of 24 gel pens to share with my kids for coloring these because I thought the vibrant colors would be especially awesome.  The paper in this book is really thick and takes the color beautifully!  

Here's the front of the first card I colored:

And here's the interior:

You can see they do two cards to a page, fronts and backs on one side of the sheet and interiors on the other.  You have to cut them apart when you're done with them, so I'm happy I have a nice paper-cutter to make the cuts straight.  But a scissors would work too.

Here's another one I colored. I did mostly gel pens for these, but some colored pencils too.  Does that make this "mixed media art" perhaps?

There are so many cute designs in here!  Lots with birds or animals.  I'm working on this one next: 

And then there are the envelopes.  They're in the back of the book, one for each card.  You color them first, and then cut them out and fold along scored lines to make an envelope.  The instructions for how to do this are on the inside cover of the book.  Here's the envelope that goes with the first card I colored:

Here's the one that goes with the second card:

They have dizzying patterns for the inside of the envelopes too, but... I didn't color them.  I mean, I don't have unlimited time, and I'd actually like to send off a few of these in time to reach my friends by Christmas.

So here's the first card inside its envelope:

The book comes with stickers to use to close the envelopes because they aren't adhesive in any way.  That works pretty well, though if you were sending them through the mail, I think you'd want to tape up the flaps a bit too.  I know I will.

This is the front of the envelope:

These cards and envelopes are really big -- the cards are 5"x5" and the envelopes are slightly bigger.  So if you send them through the mail, you will need extra postage.  The book makes 24 cards in all, and I'm going to let my kids color some of them to send to grandparents and so on.  But I'm coloring my favorites myself to give to a few particular friends!


  1. Mom has a book like this, only it isn't Christmas. :)

    Will I be getting one of these? Just wondering. ;)

    1. I have kind of a springtime one too that I haven't used yet.

      Nope, sorry. You're getting an even more specialer yet kind of card, though it's also for your mom (and kinda your siblings).

  2. That might be the one Mom has, actually. :)

    Looking forward to that card, then.

  3. Ooh, you're right that does look like an awesome coloring book! I have a book at home that has Christmas cards you can use watercolors on. They're made after 19th century prints. Unfortunately I don't have it with me, but even if I did...I probably wouldn't get around to doing it! :P

    1. Abby, you could work on those over Christmas break and send them next year? I'm realizing I started on these WAY too late and am only going to have about 4 done in time to send.

  4. Oh, wow, this is so lovely! I was looking for something like this, but couldn't find it... Maybe next year!

    1. Birdie, I hope you can find something similar! And thanks so much for the Christmas card. I'm afraid I've misplaced your address, so I didn't get one sent your way this year :-(


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