Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The "Cloaked" Kindle Giveaway!

It's true. I'm giving away three Kindle copies of my book Cloaked right now! Click here to go to the Amazon giveaway page and enter. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, and only open to US residents because that's what Amazon allows, I'm afraid.

The giveaway runs through November 14, and three winners will find the e-book automatically added to their accounts on November 15.

Need something to read while you travel to visit relatives for Thanksgiving? Looking for something to while away those homework-free hours during your fall break? Or want something to amuse you while people nap in front of a football game after the big meal? This would work well for all three!


  1. Hurray! I won! I never win anything. I thought I would tell you since I think my entry went in through my husband's Amazon account and that means you wouldn't realize who it was. So, it wasn't a random guy winning your book, it was me. It sounds like the perfect thing to read over the long weekend. Thank you.

    1. Jennifer, how cool! You're right, I had no idea who that winner was.

      I hope you enjoy it! And... I would really appreciate it if you would leave feedback at Amazon and/or Goodreads when you finish it :-)

      Happy Thanksgiving!


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