Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Dreaming Spies" by Laurie R. King

Hurrah!  I've finally read the latest book in King's Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series.  I put a hold on it at the library when it first came out months and months ago, and it came in a few days ago, so I quickly devoured it.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Laurie R. King's writing, especially this series.  And I thoroughly enjoyed this book, though it was less of a whodunit and more of a "stop the blackmailer" type of plot.  Although a big section of the middle felt more like a travelogue than a mystery, I didn't mind because I love spending time with Russell and Holmes in these books, whether they're tramping the Japanese countryside or plotting how to retrieve a stolen thingamabob.  

I didn't like Dreaming Spies as well as the previous two books, Garment of Shadows and Pirate King, but it was still great fun.  Hmm.  I'm in the mood to make lists today, so here are how I rank the books in this series so far, from favorite to least:

1.  The Beekeeper's Apprentice (book 1)
2.  The Game (book 7)
3.  O Jerusalem (book 5)
4.  Garment of Shadows (book 12)
5.  Pirate King (book 11)
6.  Locked Rooms (book 8)
7.  Dreaming Spies (book 13)
8.  Justice Hall (book 6)
9.  The God of the Hive (book 10)
10.  The Language of Bees (book 9)
11.  The Moor (book 4)
12.  A Monstrous Regiment of Women (book 2)
13.  A Letter of Mary (book 3)

I must admit, though, that I've read many of these only once.  Rereadings may change my ranking of these over time.  But today, that's how I feel about them :-)

If This was a Movie, I Would Rate It:  PG-13 for suspense, sexual innuendo, and the occasional mild curse word.


  1. I've rather gotten hooked on this series myself :) I'm trying to read them in order, but the library isn't really working with me on that because the next book is always on hold somewhere else...and then I cave and get the next book that's available, even if it isn't the next in the series.

    Anyway, I'm not usually a fan of books with Sherlock Holmes in them that *aren't* the originals, but these are kind of addictive...

    1. Addictive! Yes! I'm addicted to them. They're often a little too feminist for my taste, but at the same time, I love Russell and Holmes and can't stop reading them.

      I read the first few out of order myself, then went back and read them in the correct order, so I've read the first I think 3 more often than the others.

    2. Yes, the feminism is really the main thing that gets on my nerves, but...yeah. I love Holmes and Russel together. Their interactions/dialogue are the real highlights of the books for me :)

    3. Yes, any scene with the two of them in it is sure to be delicious :-) Have you read any of King's other books? I really like Folly and Keeping Watch, but the rest I've read once and don't desire to reread.

    4. I haven't read any others, but I might try the ones you liked after I finish this series.

    5. Her Kate Martinelli series is much more feminist than this one, and also, the lead character is gay, just fyi. I don't like the mysteries in them as well, and they're set in modern day, so lack the charm of the historicity too.

  2. Hm...might have to pick up one of these. :)

    1. I advise starting with the first one, The Beekeeper's Apprentice. From there, skipping around would probably work. I hope you like them if you do try them!

    2. And even if it weren't the first one, it's your favorite, so that's sound advice. Thanks.


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