Saturday, May 16, 2015

AMA Answers #1

Here I am, beginning to answer the questions people asked me in response to my "Ask Me Anything" invitation in my 400th post.  Thanks for all the cool questions, everyone!  I'll be answering more in a couple of days.


"What is your favorite book (If you had to pick just one)"

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  Only within the last few years have I admitted that, though.  Until I was about 30, I would have said, The Black Stallion by Walter Farley because that was my favorite book since I was about 7 years old, and I have a really hard time admitting to myself that I like something better than what has always been my most favorite.  However, I do now love Jane Eyre more, and have admitted it to the world.


"What are your top five TV shows?"

Combat! (1962-67)
Angel (1999-2004)
The Big Valley (1965-69)
Five Mile Creek (1983-85)
Cheyenne (1955-63)

Interestingly, I only watched one of these in its original run, namely Angel.  The rest I've discovered via reruns or videos.  Angel is also the only one I started watching as an adult.

"You love the character of Boromir (as rightly you should!). Do you think that people tend to judge him too harshly?"

I think a lot of people do.  I know that before I went to see The Fellowship of the Ring in the theater for the first time (remember, I had never read the books before I saw the movies), I mentioned to some friends that I was excited about Sean Bean being in it, and one of them said, "Oh, no!  But he's playing the bad guy!"  I was like, "Oh, I'm used to that, I don't care."  I came out of the movie going, "How can you say he's the bad guy?"  Because I don't think of him that way at all, but a lot of people seem to dismiss him as weak or selfish or mean or bad.  (I wrote a big post about him here a while ago, if you want to know more of my thoughts about him.)

"Do you enjoy animated movies?"

Indeed, I do!  I love many animated movies, and I'm working on a list of my top ten to post on my other blog soon.

"Who is your favorite actor (or top three)? How about favorite actress (or top three)?"


1.  John Wayne
2.  Hugh Jackman
3.  Val Kilmer


1.  Maureen O'Hara
2.  Sandra Bullock
3.  Doris Day

"And, just because you gave me this question, chocolate and peanut butter or chocolate and mint?"

If I had to choose only one for the rest of my life, chocolate and peanut butter.  But I dearly love chocolate and mint too.

Isaac Benjamin

"Have you read the Poetics by Aristotle?"

Not in its entirety, no.  I did read selections from it, years ago, when I took a class on the history of dramatic criticism.

"Have you read the divine comedy by Dante? Does the first third of it make you squeamish?"

Nope.  So, also, nope.  I've read a few selections from it, and I've read kind of a summary so I know the basics of what it's about, but that's it.  I haven't read his Inferno either.


  1. I LOVELOVELOVE Jane Eyre. It's completely and utterly amazing. I'm so glad you love it too! :-D

    1. It really is wonderful, isn't it? Though I must admit I often skim certain parts, in my impatience to get to Thornfield Hall. But as penance, I read other parts at least twice :-)

    2. Oh dear... I'm guilty of doing that too. :-) Haha.

    3. I think once you've read a book 3 times or so, you're entitled to skim to the parts you like when you feel like it :-)

    4. Yes! Sometimes I just take some of my favourite books and read my favourite paragraphs a few times. Haha. :-)

    5. Oh yes, I definitely do that too.

  2. Yay!

    John Wayne and Hugh Jackman are great:D As are all those actresses! (Sorry, I don't know who Val Kilmer is.)

    THANK YOU. People just…don't understand Boromir. Sheesh, have some tolerance for human weakness. Sorry, I get a little worked up about it;) I read your post on him a while back and it was amazing!

    Ooh, yay, top ten animated movies!

    And yes, I love chocolate and mint as well. They're both such great combinations, no?:D

    1. Olivia -- Val Kilmer was quite famous in the '80s and '90s, but has dropped out of sight in the last few years, only making a movie once in a great while. He's an extremely talented, versatile actor, and was the youngest person ever accepted into the Julliard acting school.

      And um, yes, people need to think better of Boromir. 'Nuff said.

      Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! The end.

  3. Yes! I'm just really enjoying your answers (and the questions).


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