Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Tales for Little Ears" by Heidi Peterson

This is a collection of seven sweet stories about chivalry and courage.  I would have loved them if I'd read them when I was a kid, and I'm going to give this to my son to read to see what he thinks of it, because they're just the sort of kind, gentle stories he loves.  Some of them have a more fantasy-oriented feel, involving things like dragons, but others are very reality-based.  Here's a little of what I thought of each one:

"The Test of Honor and Courage" has a lovely moral about  seeing things through and not cheating.

"Of the Loyalty of Sir Brian" was nice, but I wish there was a bit more to it, like how the king chose Sir Brian and why he decided to test him.

"The Tale of Sir Francis Bumble" is my second-favorite story in the book.  Sir Francis amused me, especially the way he couldn't always tell his numerous nieces and nephews apart.

"How Hugh Came to the Golden Realm" had a nice moral about hard work, though I wish it was a little longer.  I wanted to know what happened next!

"Eric and the Gifts of the Elven King" had lots of excitement, and I liked the interaction between the brother princes.

"How Ian Found True Nobility" was lots of fun, and although it includes quite a bit of Scottish dialect, I never had a hard time understanding what was being said.  

"The Test of Beauty" is my favorite story here.  It's sweet and funny, and I was very pleased by the ending.

I read an e-copy of this, but if my son really enjoys these stories, I'll be ordering a paperback copy so he can reread them more easily.  Like me, he's a big fan of re-reading stories he likes :-)  

If This Was a Movie, I Would Rate It:  G.  Nothing worrisome whatsoever!

(Full disclosure:  Heidi Peterson gave me an e-copy of this book so I could review it.  This post is my honest opinion about this book.)

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  1. Hamlette -- thank you! I so appreciate you're taking the time to do this... And I'm glad you liked it! :-)


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