Friday, September 27, 2013

Answers to Tolkien Trivia

Here we are!  The answers to the ten trivia questions I asked on Wednesday:

1.  The only brew for the brave and true comes from:
b.  The Green Dragon

2.  Who does Sam bean in the head with an apple as the Hobbits leave Bree?
c.  Bill Ferny

3.  The proprietor of the Prancing Pony is named Barliman...
c.  Butterbur

4.  Where did Bilbo encounter Gollum?
d.  The Misty Mountains

5.  What is Theoden's son's name?
a.  Theodred

6.  Which of Thorin's company is buried in Moria?
b.  Balin

7.  Which of these is not the name of a sword?
c.  Hasufel  (he's a horse)

8.  Aragorn uses athelas to heal wounds.  Sam calls it...
a.  Kingsfoil

9.  The Lonely Mountain is also called...
c.  Erebor

10.  Which of these is not the name of a horse?
d.  Thorandor  (he's an eagle)

Thanks for playing, everyone!  And don't forget, today is the last day to enter the giveaways!  So if you haven't done that already, please go here and do so.  You can answer the questions and linkup here any time, there's no limit on that.  And go read other people's blog posts, using the Linky links!  Even leave them a comment, make some new friends -- it's a party, after all.

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