Monday, August 2, 2021

Announcing the 9th Annual Tolkien Blog Party

Good morning, lovely friends!  Can you believe it's time to start gearing up for the NINTH Tolkien Blog Party?  Oh my goodness, that number is just so exciting!  Nine is an important number in The Lord of the Rings, after all, what with the nine companions making up the Fellowship and so on.

Tolkien Week this year is September 19-25, so that's when I'll be holding my party.  For a whole week, we will celebrate all things Tolkien together!

Like last year, there will be many, many options for you to participate.  Yes, I will provide an official tag to fill out, some games to play, and a giveaway (I'm aiming for nine prizes...).  But you will get to contribute any kind of Tolkien-related post you so desire!

There's no sign-up sheet and no limit on how many posts you can contribute.  The only rules are that they must be family-friendly posts, and they must be NEW posts.  No fair linking to some book or movie review you wrote years ago.

Your posts don't have to involve Middle-earth, even though all my buttons do.  If you want to review Roverandom or Letters from Father Christmas or Tolkien's translation of Beowulf, for example, that is heartily welcomed!  If you want to review a biography of Tolkien, be it book or movie, that's totally cool.  Most of my games and so on will revolve around Middle-earth, but anything Tolkien-related is fair game for your contributions.

Please share a button or two on your own blog to let people know about the party.  They just might be my favorite blog party buttons I've ever made, to be honest.  I have such a thing for silhouettes.

If you want to comment here voicing your enthusiasm, asking questions, or just bouncing around ideas for what you want to post about, I am here for that!


  1. Replies
    1. Olivia, you're too cute :-D (Also, I imagine excited hobbit noises to involve munching on something...)

  2. Yeeeheeeheee I love this time of year!!! I'm so excited!! *throws confetti*

  3. Ivy told me aboutnthis and i can't waiti to take part!!!

    1. Far Side of Forever, I hope you have lots of fun :-D Not long to wait now!

  4. Good gracious! I'm so happy it's finally here! 😊 I've been waiting for it the whole year.

    1. Shire Rose, it'll be only a few more hours!!! :-D


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