Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"The Annotated Big Sleep" by Raymond Chandler, edited by Owen Hill, Pamela Jackson, and Anthony Dean Rizzuto

Well, this was fantastic.  I've never read a fully annotated novel before, just annotated versions of Hamlet, but I am now a firm fan.  It's like a movie with a commentary track, but as a book.  It was absolutely fascinating.  I learned SO many cool things from these notes!  From explaining slang to discussing the LA setting to exploring the major themes, this book's notes had everything.

And I do mean everything, so if you don't want the more seedy subtext of the the book brought forward, don't read this.  It will delve into the depravities that Chandler only hints at, and that's definitely not something everyone would want to read.  So do be aware of that, okay?

It took me like two weeks to read this, but that's only because I was enjoying it so much that I read it in little bites and nibbles so as to make it last as long as possible.  

If you want to know what The Big Sleep is about, I reviewed it pretty fully here in 2017.

If This was a Movie, I Would Rate It:  PG-13 for the book's text, R for the annotations.  No sexual explicitness, exactly, but definitely discussions of sexual topics, drugs, violence, etc.

This is my fourth book read and reviewed for the Mount TBR Reading Challenge.

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