Saturday, January 6, 2018

Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2017 Wrap-Up and 2018 Sign-Up

I did it!  I achieved my goal of "climbing Pike's Peak" by reading 12 books off my TBR pile as it existed before January 1, 2017.  (I read lots of other books I owned last year too, but they were ones I bought during the year, not ones I'd already owned before the challenge started.)  I'm really pleased by this.  My TBR pile isn't just a pile, it's a whole bookcase in my basement that is stacked to overflowing with books I haven't read yet.  Sometimes it makes me despair.  Completing this challenge gives me hope that yes, I will be able to read all those books.  Eventually.

My Reader's Block, the blog that hosts this challenge, has provided a fun little "Words to the Wise" thing to try to fill out with titles from the books read for the challenge this year.  Here goes:

A stitch in time saves The Song of the Ean
Don't count your chickens before Finding God in the Lord of the Rings
All good things must come (when) Montana Rides!
When in Rome, Every Frenchman Has One
All that glitters is not The Lord of the Rings: The Mythology of Power
A picture is worth a thousand Screwtape Letters
When the going gets tough, the tough get The Jane Austen Guide to Life
Two wrongs don't make Skipping Christmas right
The pen is mightier (when wielded by) Luther (Biography of a Reformer)
The squeaky wheel gets Echoes of Sherlock Holmes
Hope for the best, but prepare for Wizards, Hobbits, and Harry Potter
Birds of a feather flock (to the) House of Living Stones

That was amusing and fun!  

And I am hereby signing up to do this challenge again in 2018, again challenging myself to read 12 of the books currently languishing on my TBR bookcase.  If you want to join too, you can sign up right here.


  1. Good luck! This looks like a fun challenge, I might give it a try. :)

    1. Thanks! It's definitely fun, especially if you have a lot of books you just haven't gotten around to reading yet.


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