Thursday, January 5, 2017

Announcing I Love Austen Week

Do you love Jane Austen?  Her books, the movies based on her stories, and so on?  If so, then please join me over on my other blog, Hamlette's Soliloquy, for I Love Austen Week!  I'm holding it February 11-18, and it will involve a giveaway, tag, games, and you can even sign up to contribute a post about Austen yourself.  All the details are right here, including lots more nifty buttons for your blog :-)


  1. I was given the boxed set of Austen you posted above for my birthday recently. They're lovely. I also have a copy of Anna Karenina from the same publisher :)

    1. Carol, how amazing! I just found that picture online and thought they were so pretty, I used them for a button.

  2. Lovely. I will be sure to check out the details. Thank you for sharing.


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