Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Would You Rather, LOTR Edition

Cordy is hosting a LOTR Week on her blog, Write On, Cordy!  For the event, she's posted this tag, which I thought looked fun, so here are my answers...

1. You have been tasked with your own quest, your own fellowship has been gathered, and you have the pick of one last member, would you rather choose Eomer or Imrahil to join you on your journey? 

Eomer.  I mean, I do love Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, but he's only my like 7th favorite character, and Eomer ties with Gandalf for my 3rd favorite.  Plus, if I was with Eomer, we'd be on horses.  Beautiful, splendid, magnificent horses of Rohan.

2. Would you rather have to track an army of Uruk-Hai, or climb the 'stairs'?

Track the Uruk-Hai.  No giant spiders involved there.

3. Who would you rather slap/shake/glare some sense into, Denethor or Wormtongue?

Denethor, because I love both his sons, and I need him to quit treating them so badly.  ::Glares::

4. Would you rather attend Bilbo's birthday and have to dance a jig or have to sing a solo at Aragorn's coronation?

Dance a jig, probably.  The coronation is WAY too important an event for me to screw it up by hitting a wrong note.

5. Would you rather soar on an Eagle's back to pick-up Frodo and Sam or participate in the last march of the Ents, courtesy of Treebeard's shoulder?

I'll take the eagle ride, thanks!

6. Would you rather have to face an enraged Oliphant or Shelob?

An Oliphant, every time.

7. Would you rather have to wear the full armor of Gondor for a day or the full armor of Rohan for a day?

Rohan!  Cuz again... I'd probably get a horse.  Also, I like their armor better.

8. Would you rather have an axe or a bow?

Definitely a bow.

9.Would you rather visit Lothlorien or Rivendell?

Rivendell!  My favorite place in all of Middle Earth.

10. Would you rather have to get through the Mines of Moria or take the Path of the Dead? (In each situation, you are with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. Haha, so, you're not alone!)

The Mines of Moria, just because I'd get to hang out with my beloved Boromir for a while.

11. Would you rather stay and help rebuild the Shire, or sail to the Undying Lands?

Hmm.  I don't know!  I like the idea of both.  I feel like I'd probably stay in the Shire, though, as I have a great drive to be helpful and useful.  Plus, Sam is my second-favorite character in LOTR, so I'd get to hang out with him longer that way.

If you want to join in the festivities, or just fill out this tag, visit Cordy's post here :-)


  1. Loved all the love you gave Rohan throughout your answers, Hamlette! There is just so much to love about Rohan isn't there?! :D

    4. But wait, so you would consider singing in front of a group that wasn't so large? Or at an event that wasn't as important?

    10. Eww! I could NOOOOT do the mines. I don't know what in my mind makes the Path of the Dead somehow more manageable but that's the way my mind works.

    Thanks for joining in the fun! Sorry for my tardy comment. I'm amazed at the response to my week. I'm afraid I was quite unprepared. 0_0 Haha.

    1. Cordy, yes, there's much to love about Rohan.

      Yes, I would sing in front of a smaller group. I sing in our church's choir, and I sang in an all-women choir in college, as well as in 3 musical productions. I would just not want to be involved in something so big and important as the coronation of Middle Earth's king.

      The Paths of the Dead in the books are not scary to me at all, but the ones in the movie are too silly with their swarmy piles of skulls and stuff. The clincher for me, though, is Boromir. He's there in the mines, but not in the POTD, so I pick mines.

      Glad your Tolkien week was such a success! I know I missed the last few posts due to having company. Slowly working on catching up on stuff.

    2. I wish I could sing...but it's best if I don't. Haha. :D You're very lucky.

      Oh, no I agree. PoTD takes up maybe a paragraph or two actually on the paths and then they follow Aragorn. The movie made them slightly cheesy but I don't think the Paths would stink so bad as the Mines would. Sorry, Boromir. ;)

  2. We had so many of the same answers! :D

    1. Natalie, we totally did! Great minds think alike?

  3. Wow, I agreed with all of your answers! Sometimes your reasoning was different than mine (e.g. I wouldn't sing at Aragorn's coronation because I can't sing to save my life), but still!

  4. :D

    I admit I waffled over the Treebeard vs. eagles thing, because I've always thought it looked like fun to see the world from the top of a huge, slowly swaying tree, but in the end, flying is the most exhilarating. (If I could ride an eagle without being afraid of falling to my death, that is.)

    1. Treebeard would be much safer to ride, I expect, but yes, flying would be more exhilarating. I think these eagles would keep their passengers safe :-)

  5. I love this! I should join in sometime. And for the record, if it was with Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas, I'd go just about anywhwere! Except to see Shelob because just NO.

    1. Kara, I agree. No Shelob. Also, I'll not be going into Mirkwood. Bleah.


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