Friday, October 16, 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet

I went to see the live broadcast thingie of Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet at a somewhat-nearby movie theater tonight, and I just now finished writing up a long review of it here, on my other blog.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see it, especially since I was there with the same friend who went to see Hamlet performed live with me six Octobers ago.  She's a theatre major, so absolutely right there with me in appreciating live performances, Shakespeare's language, everything.  And a wonderful theater-going companion!  I wish we lived nearer to each other so we could meet up to see movies together more often.  We also got to talking with another attendee after the show ended -- she found out I'm doing this read-along and asked for my blog address, so hi, Patricia!  I hope you could read my handwriting and find this.

I'm reeeeeeeeeally tired now and heading to bed.  Again, my review of the Cumberbatch version is here, and I hope you enjoy reading my caffeinated thoughts on it!


  1. I just watched the trailer for this last night and I wondered what you thought of it. I am not good at reading Shakespeare (sorry!) but I do enjoy seeing it performed.

    1. Well, he's meant to be performed, not read -- reading it is delicious, but not nearly as wonderful as seeing it.


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